In the past 13 years, open access publishing—in which academic journal content is free for anyone to read online—has moved from a fringe populist movement into the mainstream. Advocates for open access argue that online publication costs are lower than those for print, research is often funded by taxpayers, and authors and reviewers work for free. The Budapest Open Access Initiative calls for “free and unrestricted online availability,” aka open access.
The Public Library of Science (now PLOS) begins to publish PLOS Biology as a new and prominent open access journal. The Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing defines an open access article as freely available and secured for posterity in a reliable digital repository. The US Congress approves a policy that requires all papers resulting from funding by the National Institutes of Health be made available through PubMed Central (open access) no later than 12 months after publication. The ­Scholarly Publishing Roundtable in the US releases a report on how to improve access while respecting interests of publishers, librarians, and researchers.
In the UK, the Finch Report lays out a strategy to ensure immediate open access to research funded by the government.
The US Office of Science and Technology Policy issues a directive that all federal agencies must ensure that the research they fund will be open access.
Subscription-based publishers have another point of view, and say their value-added services—such as assessing whether articles are sufficiently rigorous and managing the review process—deserve payment. Publishers are not intrinsically opposed to open access, according to David Crotty, a senior editor with Oxford University Press and executive editor of The Scholarly Kitchen. Publishers emphasize that they need to find a way to make open access work within their own organizational contexts and business models. This conversation has persisted for more than a decade, and the market has evolved into a mix of fully open access publishers, hybrid publishers who offer some open access titles, and publishers who provide open access articles alongside subscription-only articles in the same journal. In the OAN, all colleges, universities, and other key stakeholders would contribute to the development of a robust and sustainable scholarly communication infrastructure.
But change must begin with the higher education community, not publishers or scholarly societies.
Scientific societies are well placed to move the gears toward open access, says Cameron Neylon, until recently director of advocacy at open access publisher PLOS. Many of these scientific societies, he says, “are looking to make the shift but feel like they can’t make the sums add up.
Another path to open access might be a significant number of cancellations to subscription-based titles that would force publishers to change their business models.
So whether the spark for change emerges from academic circles, scientific societies, or cooperative networks, the economics of scholarly communication is at a crossroads—whatever path it ultimately takes will lead to profound changes in the ways that libraries serve the researchers that make use of them and the general public. Growing up, when Cynthia Graham Hurd’s four brothers raced outside to play in their free time, she’d park herself on the front porch with a good book. The Obama administration sent a letter May 13 to every public school district in America warning them they should allow transgender students to use bathrooms consistent with their chosen gender identity or risk losing federal funding. Rebecca Starr writes: “Large library systems often have the resources to create innovative programming. Carl Straumsheim writes: “When faculty members at the US Military Academy at West Point took away students’ computers and tablets in an introductory economics courses, the students’ grades jumped. After a good start yesterday, day two of Steama€™s dozen-day Summer Sale isna€™t necessarily obliterating our minds with savings, but therea€™s still some great values available today or through shorter-term flash sales. 50% may not be a huge discount, but one of the best SHMUPS of all time is worth every penny. Putting players into Clementine’s tiny shoes in season two of The Walking Dead was a gamble. Introversiona€™s security sim is an interesting confluence of capitalism, architecture, management, and morality. It wona€™t make your GPU sweat, but Taleworldsa€™ medieval sandbox action-RPG is one of our favorite open-ended experiences on PC. Every Friday, the Games 73 team reactivate their opinion circuits to bring you their best and worst moments from the week of digital entertainment. The idea actually came from Zappos, an online shoe and clothing company that was acquired by Amazon in 2009. Your garage is filled with an array of vehicles to plough through the mud in, including nimble jeeps that are good for scouting the area ahead.
Still, endurance is what Spintires is all about, and therea€™s a lot of satisfaction to be had in besting the brutal Russian terrain in your hardy little Soviet trucka€”but not after a lot of rolling over, getting inescapably lodged in soggy riverbeds, and running out of fuel in the middle of now I love that games like this exist. Firaxis are firing the classic Civilization turn-based strategy formula into space, for the first time since the release of Alpha Centauri, 15 years ago.
I start my play session with a craft sponsored by Franco-Iberia, and pack its aisles with intellectuals who grant me a boost to science research.
Each affinity represents a different philosophical approach to extraterrestrial exploration. In Beyond Earth, competing factions make landfall and establish contact one by one in the first 50 turns, which means Ia€™m free to explore this planet alone for the time being.
Beta backers for Wasteland 2 have been touring the early access opening half of the game since December. Usually publishers make a big song and dance about release date announcements, buta€™s an exception: a September 5 release date has quietly been confirmed for Dead Rising 3.
Originally released as an Xbox One exclusive in November last year, Capcom confirmed the PC port at E3 last week. Therea€™s no doubt that discussions about the graphical fidelity of Watch Dogs have overshadowed the quality of the game itself, with many claiming that the open-world hacker looks no where near as good as it did upon unveiling in 2012.
Therea€™s no doubt that discussion about the graphical fidelity of Watch Dogs has overshadowed the quality of the game itself, with many claiming that the open-world hacker looks no where near as good as it did upon unveiling in 2012. Which is great in theory, but according to a newly released statement from Ubisoft, therea€™s nothing cynical about their locking the assets from the vanilla game, and that users should activate them via the mod at their own risk. So that appears to rule out rumours that a forthcoming major patch for Watch Dogs will officially unlock those hidden features.
Ita€™s not the first time a phishing scam has taken on the identity of EA Sports: several Twitter accounts purporting to be official EA Sports support channels popped up earlier this year. In more positive FIFA news, FIFA 15 for PC will debut the fancy new Ignite Engine on our beloved platform. If the decision involved any thought at all, it went something like this: I like to play Dota 2, and I like to perform tasks related to Dota 2. In reality, though, all those dingdongs are doing is reflecting something of the meaninglessness of the commendation system. Commending somebody in Dota 2 is like leaving a Yelp review for your favourite restaurant in the aftermath of global nuclear war. USELESS NUMBER #5:A The prize pool for every tournament other than The International if you have ever won The International. Introducing a visible MMR was as close to a balls-to-the-wall mistake as Valve have ever made. The world's best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams will compete for a $250,000 "community-funded" prize pool at ESL One Cologne 2014, Valve announced today.
Immediate open access could someday become the default publishing model for articles in the biosciences, and perhaps for the humanities and social sciences as well. Consequently, advocates contend, the articles should be free to the public and all types of libraries.
Some publishers also note that the cost per article in their journal packages is very low, though advocates counter that the absolute cost of most of these packages is high, often with yearly increases.
He says that open access would be the ideal medium for communicating and sharing scholarly research results, especially in the biosciences. Many scientific and scholarly societies rely heavily on funds raised through their journals in order to do work on behalf of their communities, and their survival may be at risk as well.
At the moment, this usually involves an embargo period in which articles are available only by subscription for a period of time (generally a year) before becoming open access. These fields have faced their own challenges; as bioscience subscriptions have consumed an increasing share of library budgets, social sciences and humanities purchases have declined.
Supporting arguments for the OAN are available in “A Scalable and Sustainable Approach to Open Access,” Educause Review, September 14, 2014.
A new generation of low-cost and open source technologies could make the shift to open access attractive for these publishers and their communities.” The continuing evolution of technology—such as cloud-based storage and inexpensive or free editorial management programs—could provide the breakthrough needed. But this seems less likely, Neylon says, because “mass cancellations will require librarians to persuade institutional authors (or require authors to persuade librarians, for that matter) that the loss of access in the short term is worth it for longer-term gains.” Neylon thinks it is more plausible that scholarly societies will use inexpensive tools to become open access publishers. A 2002 MLIS graduate of Dominican University, he became interested in open access as an associate fellow of the National Library of Medicine.
The work will be displayed in one of two new programming spaces presently under construction on the facility’s second floor. On May 12, almost a year after she was killed with eight others at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, those brothers announced the creation of Cynthia Graham Hurd Foundation for Reading and Civic Engagement to honor Hurd, who spent 31 years as a librarian and branch manager in the Charleston County Public Library system.
The sweeping guidance does not have the force of law, but warns that schools that don’t comply could face lawsuits or lose federal aid. However, a librarian with a great idea faces her own set of challenges when trying to implement and market a new program. Recently, I gave an informal presentation to new staff members at my library about ways to launch their library programs.
Back then, we were all anxious about the shift to digital, and faculty suddenly wanted help teaching students how to help students evaluate websites. But what about Halo: The Master Chief Collection, a remastered bundle of the first four Halo shooters, half of which are already on PC anyway? Windows is a Microsoft product but it has very clearly put all its gaming eggs into the Xbox basket, so it’s naturally going to want to maintain exclusivity for one of the few sure-fire system-sellers in its stable. Unlike most bullet hell shooters, Ikaruga’s polarity-switching gameplay gives you the power to absorb some bullets while dodging others.

In the first season, Lee was a grown-up, with the strength to fight walkers and the authority to make big decisions. The theme puts multiple, often contradicting goals before you: prisoner safety, spatial efficiency, prisoner well-being, making a profit, and making sure your prison is totally secure. It was enough to reignite my interest in the game, and fill its fans with a joyous sense of silliness and light-hearted conspiracy.
The early games in the series were absent from the service for six months, as Bethesda and Interplay argued over rights issues in court.
As someone who regularly sells trading cards, this will make all those tiny amounts of internet coins trickle into my imaginary wallet a lot faster. Maybe it's more mundane and soul-deadening than you expected, or maybe all your new coworkers are jerks, or maybe you're a jerk who just can't play nicely with others.
There are simple objectives, like picking up and delivering lumber, but ita€™s the journey itself where the real challenge lies, and youa€™ll need some help to heave your oversized load across the uncompromising landscape.
They can cut through forests and wave between trees, allowing them to uncover the a€?fog of wara€™ that initially obscures the map and reveal wider roads and trails for your big haulers to squeeze through. The physics are excellent, creating a nice distinction between the big rigs and the smaller trucks. Fuel consumption is increased in hardcore, and routes you chart on the map won’t be displayed as a guide on the road as you drive. As amazing as the physics and deformable mud are, thata€™s really all the game has going for it.
Like a rocket escaping the atmosphere, Beyond Earth jettisons the bits of traditional Civ it no longer needs.
Driven away by overpopulation, dwindling resources and an unstoppable tide of cat gifs, thousands of colony ships have scattered like dandelion seeds across the galaxy, to settle on the first habitable planet they can find.
I could have picked mercenaries for superior military, aristocrats for efficient commerce, engineers for faster production or pilgrims for stronger faith, but the lure of far-future tech is too great. Harmony civilisations embrace their new environment and seek to adapt to the planeta€™s ecosystem. They offer options for Civ players who enjoy rolling across the map with a big military force, but have equally potent economic and scientific routes. You can no longer meet a leader and immediately understand the factiona€™s politics and intentions.
The Wolfbeetles lunge forward and one of my astronauts go down, but their noisy return fire tears half the alien squad apart. We've pored over the trailer to discover a series of new features we can look forward to from the visually upgraded edition. It had a falling skyscraper, a crashing ship, a singleplayer campaign that wasn't as rubbish as it probably should have been. It had a falling skyscraper, a crashing ship, a singleplayer campaign that wasn’t as rubbish as it probably should have been.
According to Wilson, that includes earlier betas and a commitment to making their games functional and fun at a much earlier stage in development. At this point, they're grizzled, bearded veterans, well versed in a dangerous and deadly landscape.
At this point, they’re grizzled, bearded veterans, well versed in a dangerous and deadly landscape. Still missing is the second half, set in LAa€”a much greener segment of the game, and one filled with a selection of crazed cultists. It's a happy game about rainbows and Beethoven, and is therefore at odds with the majority of EA's catalogue. Much to the chagrin of next-gen console owners, the PC edition will boast improved textures and visuals, as well as support for Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud, Steam Trading Cards and global leaderboards.
Meanwhile, the Steam Summer Sale is in full force at present, and we’ve selected our top picks. To add to the controversy, it turns out that many of the high quality graphical features used during that demonstration are in fact hidden in the gamea€™s PC build. Usually it involves a great deal of shouting and drinking, but scammers are also having a field day doing what they do best: scamming.
Malwarebytes Unpacked reports that ita€™s approaching 9,000 followers with a very active community. Through a process of cunning trickery the accounts directed users to a site requesting Origin details. Counter-Strike is about shooting numberbullets into the other guys' numberfaces until all of their numberbrains fall out. Counter-Strike is about shooting numberbullets into the other guys’ numberfaces until all of their numberbrains fall out.
In fact, I think the majority of the strangers I’ve played with would argue that those wards were never placed at all. Asking for a commendation at the end of a match is like turning to your parents at the end of your seventh birthday party and asking if there are any more presents. They don’t do anything, or particularly signify anything, so why not give them freely?
Is there a universe where this doesn’t profoundly change the attitude of top teams towards the other tournaments? The first was the 2013 DreamHack SteelSeries Championship and the second was the EMS One Championship at Katowice, which drew more than 240,000 concurrent viewers for the final and ended with 3.5 million hours of video watched in total. No one knows for certain if this will happen, much less how or when, but the subscription-based scholarly publishing system that matured prior to the internet appears unlikely to sustain itself indefinitely.
The challenges to implementing widespread adoption of open access lie in “finding sustainable ways to cover the costs involved and in how it would work within an academic system that favors secrecy and competition,” Crotty says. The numerous logistical, administrative, and technological details that underlie such an endeavor are still under discussion and will evolve.
If societies make use of these tools, then open access publishing would be a much less daunting prospect for them. The opinions of those he interviewed for this article are not necessarily those of their respective organizations. Marcus Banks has been interviewed about this aspect of the topic, and yet it is glossed over here. The physical relocation took place in late April and a public unveiling is set for the evening of May 16. The move ups the ante in the debate over bathroom laws, which are the subject of a highly charged lawsuit between North Carolina and the Department of Justice. The way I see it, 343 Industries is listening to us kind of like how I listen to my dad: I recognize that he is speaking, but it has no bearing on what I actually end up doing.
Unlike horror games which arm you with evil-defeating ghost bullets, Amnesia is about being hunted: running, hiding, being disgustingly terrified by a sound effect.
I made A?5.60 this week by selling cards, enough to buy brilliant adventure game The Last Express. The demo was short and sweet and left me wanting to know much more about the game than it told me. It could only exist on PCa€”a simulator so niche it makes Munich Bus Simulator look mainstreama€”and sees you guiding an array of Soviet off-road vehicles across large stretches of unforgiving countryside.
The way your tires dig into it, and the way it deforms realistically as you move through it, is really impressive. After accidentally burying my lumber truck in a thick slurry, I pulled the map up with F1, switched to a nearby truck with a winch and yanked myself out. There are trucks with articulated trailers, and big chunky ones that look like theya€™ve been rusting in the Chernobyl exclusion zone for the last thirty years. Youa€™ll hear your engine heave and groan as you tackle a steep incline or muddy patch, its exhausts belching black smoke as it struggles to escape the sticky gunk. But as endearingly bizarre as I find Spintires, and as much as I admire the technology, I cana€™t say I really ever enjoyed it. The technology tree is now a sprawling web, replacing the known milestones of human achievement with the boldest predictions of science fiction. Every time you start a new game, you play as another ship, and can choose a different leader, colony vehicle, cargo haul, colonist group and Earthbound sponsor to keep the early game fresh. My lonely outpost is surrounded by weird alien forests, broken up by pockets of glowing green miasmaa€”deadly to units who breathe it for too long.
Firaxis have modelled early vehicles and outposts on cobbled-together NASA architecture, to make it look as though your colonya€™s first vehicles have been improvised from parts of your colony ship. Their architecture takes on the organic forms of the surrounding plant life, they travel easily over difficult terrain and they can use local creatures as mounts. They want to improve all aspects of life through science, and have no loyalty to the flesh and bone forms of their ancestors. They can use archivist technology to codify the current state of the human race, documenting our species to better preserve it, thought theya€™re just as likely to preserve the human legacy with enormous hovering gun platforms. The Purity player wona€™t always be a warmonger, but if they do choose to wage war, theya€™ll do it in a manner that reflects their faction. Leaders have personalities, but youa€™ll have to use spies, and observe the evolving architecture of their settlements, to determine their affinity and guess which victory condition theya€™re going for.
But all of these things were overshadowed by a series of bugs and performance problems that plagued the game long after its launch. We have worked tirelessly since then to make sure the gameplay experience got to where it absolutely should have been at launch and we’re focused on that and we continue to deliver value to that player base. In response, InXile are opening the doors to fresh meat: anyone who pledged for a digital copy of the game will soon have access to this early preview build.
As Fargo notes in the update, the beta release is Steam only, and counts as a redemption of the game.

To redress the balance, they're also planning a free trial for a game about big robots and loud noises that go "SHHHHHLUNK".
The news comes via the Steam Summer Sale, which lists the gamea€™s release date as well as a 25 per cent discount on pre-orders. One such scam is playing out on Instagram at present, where a fake EA Sports account is promising new and exclusive playable characters, including Neymar.
The usual trick is to invite users to be among the first to click a link in the accounta€™s description in order to gain access to a€?exclusivea€™ goodies. Football (see also: soccer) is about how many goals you score and how many shirts you sell and how much it costs to ship vast premanufactured chunks of stadium up the Amazon. At some point last yeara€”shortly after TI3, according to my Steam profilea€”I decided that it was important that I collect five full sets of Dota 2 trading cards. All I can take from this is that Valve are very good at providing people with opportunities to lose money in ways that seem like total nonsense when considered with the front part of your brain.
I love Axe very much, and believe strongly that Culling Blade is the best ability in the game. If not your personal digits than their implications: your skill level rendered with a specificity which is specifically attractive to a certain kind of player. It armed the community against itself, chucking pointy sticks into a mob already prone to aggressive brinkmanship. Yet Norberg and Kennison’s proposal is a clear recognition of the fact that that there is enough money overall to support open access publishing. Once you discover how the polarity system plays into scoring, you realize how deep and intimidating and brilliant it really is.
What Amnesia gets more than other survival horror games is that the things you can imagine are far more horrifying than anything it can show you on the screen.
While episode one was a step down in quality, episode two was one of the best episodes Telltale has ever created.
This time, the rumour was bread, and that meant a week of wheat-based humour that culminated in an epic, funny and surprising short film. This massively helpful resource is meant for those brave souls about to embark on custom PC construction, compiling all the parts theya€™ll ever need (motherboard, CPU, etc.) and ranking them in terms of price and power. Ia€™m hoping to pick up Saints Row IV, Rust and maybe Wolfenstein at a reasonable price a€“ not to mention a dozen more games that are likely to sit on my hard-drive unplayed for the next three years. I have no idea how long its quest will be, or how its writing and story will measure up to its forbears. But if that dream job happens to be at Riot Games, the studio responsible for League of Legends, at least you won’t have to go away empty-handed. Ita€™s a grueling battle against the elements as you navigate your lump of rusty metal around rickety wooden bridges, dense forests, and swollen rivers.
The heavier your vehicle is, the more it sinks into it, and the more likely you are to get stuck. You can jump freely between vehicles on your own if youa€™re playing solo, or team up with up to three other people in multiplayer. The muted colour palette, bleak overcast skies, and ageing Soviet machinery remind me of the STALKER gamesa€”as does the feeling of being constantly at war with your environment. They all feel like real machines, with trailers that bounce and rattle as you trundle over uneven ground. The missions, whether ita€™s the lumber delivery I talked about earlier, unlocking new vehicles hidden around the world, or revealing the map by driving near a€?cloakinga€™ points, are uninspiring. There are moments of what I could loosely call excitementa€”like almost rolling over and spilling my load just metres from the delivery point, or thinking I was crossing a shallow pond only to become totally submersed in a rivera€”but theya€™re few and far between. Civa€™s terran landscapes give way to multiple biomes of alien terrain, teeming with exotic life. I could take survey gear to gain an outline of the new planeta€™s continents, or sensors to detect nearby lifeforms.
That soon changes as you expand and start aligning with the three a€?affinitiesa€™ that determine your build options, win conditions and how your whole civilisation will look. I mention to my hosts that they sound a bit like the big blue nature-lovers from James Camerona€™s Avatar, but Ia€™m assured that Harmony humans a€?arena€™t space elves.a€? In fact, they can eventually breed their own units, like the enormous Xeno Titan, which is so big it required an engine tweak to enable it to bleed out of its containing hex. They build huge, blocky war machines and wall-off small patches of territory to keep the planeta€™s influence at bay. Firaxis want the affinities to combine with your initial colony ship choice to create distinct faction variations. Titanfall will be free to download and play this weekend, anda€”while it’ll take the majority of that time to download and install the thinga€”that should still leave a few solid hours of robo-falling, parkour-jumping action. Problem is, if you follow the link provided and enter your Origin password, youa€™ll fall victim to a phishing scam. They exist outside of any formula or algorithm, and to treat them as if they mean anything is to slip into the kind of superstition usually reserved for numerologists. I believe I received a discount on capable puzzle platformer Toki Tori for doing so, but that’s not why I did it. Impish little money-siphons that vanish when you look right at them, like fairies at the bottom of the garden. But I want to be able to press a button that says “this person is a dingdong” and have that information recorded somew It would make me feel substantially better about Dota in general if I could quietly add people to the dingdong list, you know?
I’d spend that time expanding my hero pool, having a good time, anda€”pointedlya€”not giving anything away about the strategies or drafts that might help me top up my earnings at the end of the year. Since Valve decided to make player ratings public these numbers have taken on totemic significance. Play like you want to get better and don’t worry about whether your MMR goes up or down. The challenge now, which is by no means small, is to muster the institutional will to make it happen. Ikaruga’s developer Treasure has been mostly dormant for the past few years, and this is their first-ever port to the PC. It proved that players can still make tough decisions as Clementine, and the season has mostly made her a believable protagonist.
But I could tell that the engine Obsidian has built looks fantastic, a modern take on classic isometric 2D, and I’ve been imagining what that could mean for the next five years of RPGs. Clumps gather on your wheels as you drive, and some areas are so caked in the stuff that youa€™ll be forced to find another route.
Rocks are kicked into the air by your tires, saplings bend when you rumble over them, and water froths as you ford rivers and carve through puddles. You can move the camera around with the mouse, but in larger rigs your view is often obscured, making getting across narrow bridges and through tight trails a nightmare.
How long youa€™ll stick with the game depends on how compelling you find those ponderous, muddy drives between objective markers. As you expand and develop your colony, you will define your relationship with technology and the indigenous creatures that surround you to dictate the next phase of human evolution, rather than merely raking over the coals of the past. Instead I choose to load out my cargo hold with great big guns, which will give me a unit of soldiers right away. In the finished game youa€™ll be able to see the faint glow of lava in the depths of these cracks, and harness nearby geothermal vents for extra power. In former Civs and Alpha Centauri, you picked a pre-made nation with a set stack of bonuses. Fairies that turn out to be real and force you to remortgage your house every time there’s a Steam Sale. She can seem a little too grown up now and then, but the season is both gripping and heartbreaking so far. Still, despite pouring my life savings into slightly more frames in Battlefield 3 (I wish that were a joke), I dona€™t regret a thing.
Buy orders means Steam players can set up a standing order for a particular card or hat, and theya€™ll buy it as soon as ita€™s listed. Ita€™s a game of feet, not milesa€”of dragging your bouncy flatbed through just one more exhausting mire of mud and rocks to reach the safety of a garage or refueling station.
Ita€™s an achingly slow, fiddly game, and youa€™ll need a lot of patience to endure the hardships youa€™ll encounter as you traverse the gamea€™s five maps.
The interface, from the neon hexlines to the diminutive menu buttons, will be very familiar to Civ V players, largely because Beyond Earth is built in an upgraded version of the Civ V engine. In Beyond Earth, you stack colony ship, affinity and research decisions to design your own race. You can find that anyw Let your MMR become the reason you play Dota and you give up on all that discovery, friendship, meaning that the game turns up when it’s firing on all cylinders. Warband is what you should play, but this collection is a ticket to the ridiculous Star Wars Conquest mod for the original Mount & Blade. This means I dona€™t have to put something on the market and wait patiently for one of these mysterious people who buy Steam cards to stumble upon my listing. Could we see a new gorgeous isometric RPG build on what Obsidian has started year after year? Ita€™s as beautiful as Civa€™s ever been, but refreshed with some wonderfully weird art design.
Some feature open worlds and driving, others are all about committing crime, some are about all those things. Strife attributed to a four-digit value that nobody is particularly sure how to parse anyway.

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