Central Park: Pack a picnic, walk it out, or get rejuvenated with a jog around the beautiful Central Park. Music in the Square: Grab a buddy and a blanket and enjoy a fun line up of live music under the stars (summer only).
Frisco Starfest:  About a dozen telescopes are set up to view the stars every second Saturday of each month.

Bon, ce n’est pas une revolution non plus, mais Free a apparemment souhaite faire un leger lifting de son logo Free Mobile. Synchronisation des agendas Google, Outlook, iOS et Android, une nouvelle methode 100% fonctionnelle!
Among those options, there are many that are FREE, giving you one more reason to get out of the house and off to explore everything Frisco has to offer.

Oui, je sais ce que vous allez me dire et moi aussi, je me suis demande si cela valait le coup d’en faire un article!

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