Newly formed Midlands station Free Radio has launched a content rich website, developed by 383 Project, with the aim of including local content for differing areas of the regions. The station, which unified the brands of brmb, Beacon, Mercia and Wyvern, has tasked 383 with the creation of a site that meets the needs of the West Midlands area, while retaining the successful elements of each station. As a result, the Birmingham agency has created a bespoke system which prompts its users to confirm their location when they arrive on the home page.

Jacob Dutton, senior client partner at 383 Project, added: “The website of a Radio station, particularly a commercial station, is now critically important to its success.
This then will offer news, features and content based on the region in which the user is based, and also includes social features, including Facebook integration. The ideas 383 came up with look set to do just that; from the additional content to the restructuring of the site so that presenter’s blog posts are displayed in a stream, which is a familiar concept to Facebook users.

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