Sheikh Malik Hourani, Crown Prince of Bha'Khar, is a rich and powerful man dedicated to ruling his kingdom—but experience has made him wary of love.
Read an ExcerptSINCE she was headed for the seventh level of hell, now would be a good time to sunscreen her soul. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. The Double Racing Sheikhs had caused a great deal of mirth and media interest in Abbas al-Din, as had the upcoming wedding.Even now it seemed surreal. How could Fadi be dead—and how could she marry his brother within another month, as her father wanted? How could it even be done while Alim was fighting for his life, with second- and third-degree burns?
Both their countries had fallen into uproar after Sheikh Fadi's sudden death in a car wreck.

Now, Addie was torn between being disowned by the father she adored or marrying a man she'd never met. Neither alternative was appealing, especially after she'd begun dating a man—possibly the man. They are obligated by their ancient law on brides to care for you, and find you a husband within the family line. The living room was spacious and bright, and filled with expensive art—paintings, blown glass, and figurines. She wanted to cry out, I'm only nineteen!Why did some get responsibilities in life, and others all the fun? French doors opened onto a balcony overlooking the Arabian Sea, and when she pulled the doors wide the breeze blowing off the ocean cooled her hot cheeks. It was only with the long years of training that she managed not to shrug off the rare gesture of affection, knowing it was only given to make her stop arguing.

For women of her status, any emotion was a luxury one only indulged in among the safety of other women, or not at all if one had the necessary pride.
Fadi had understood her feelings and sympathised with her, was like the moon's sweet light in her darkness. But it was his mouth that mesmerized her and, she suspected, commanded the attention of any female who was still breathing.
There was an innate sensuality to his lips, a defined curve as if carved from stone, yet they were soft with the promise of passion. She hated this, and it was on the tip of her tongue to tell him what was going on, but she decided to wait.

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