If you already have some drum sheet music reading knowledge, try to read the sheet music and play the bar of music, and then listen to the mp3 audio to see if you are right. A writing prompt for students to write about themselves – emphasising the use of conjunctions and short paragraphs. Based on texts about Christian celebrations in four different countries (Wales, Iran, Venezuela, China) the resource includes a writing exercise for students who don’t celebrate Christmas.
The main activities are a reading comprehension (about the history of poinsettias and how they came to be popular at Christmas time) and a cloze exercise based on an old Mexican religious legend.

The main text and related comprehension questions are about New Year’s Eve superstitions.
It includes reading comprehension and related exercises covering many curriculum areas, based on the Guy Fawkes Night theme. Includes: reading, dictionary work, comprehension and grammatical knowledge with a fun part where learners find their Chinese horoscope animal.
Other activities include form filling, alphabetical order, dictionary work, planning and writing, and group discussion.

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