There are tons of games, many of which are based on the popular shows that PBS offers to improve reading, like Super Why and Between the Lions. Hangman, Connect the Letters, Connect the Opposites and many other fun word type games to choose from. This site offers free programmed reading lessons that introduce 55 English words to new readers. Linda SearsOwner of Freezer to Slow Cooker MenusSarah’s Freezer to Slow Cooker ebooks have been a fantastic addition to my meal plans. FranOwner of Freezer to Slow Cooker Ebooks I purchased all of your freezer to slow cooker ebooks a month or so ago and I'm in love with this way of cooking.
Dawn S.Buyer of Freezer to Slow Cooker Ebook SeriesI am a 59-year-old wife and mother of two grown children.
Go on an alphabet hunt, ask your kids to find the letter that makes a certain sound, or the letter that starts a particular word, all while digging through a bin of colorful spaghetti.
Play a game of soccer and practice sight words (or a spelling list) at the same time.  I bet this game can be adapted for football or basketball, whatever sports your child is interested in.

Have mismatched puzzle pieces or parts of a toy set?  Why not use them to create a story-starting bin.  These would make fun writing prompts for kids journals. Help kids who are struggling with sounding out words or with a spelling list to learn new words with this simple word tube tool that you can create for your child. A scrabble variation is fun for kids.  Give them a set of letters and see how many words they can come up with from those letters. Looking for some online summer activities for your kids this summer, head over and join the Free Award-Winning Reading Games for Kids! You can either sign in using your Facebook log in or sign up, wait for a confirmation email and click on the link in the email. There are 3 gaming levels and the first 3 are FREE the third cost $4.95 to access, but is optional.
Amy, it is so helpful to both parents and teachers, although I am not currently a mom or a teacher of little kids, I teach kids Bible in a local church, I have a group of parents who are having this age kids, I am so thankful for your materials that I can refer to them and help them to teach their kids. Thank you so much, Edna for passing along my site – I’m thankful my resources can help the parents you know!

The Montessori-style presentation of lessons encourages pupils to focus on the learning opportunity without unnecessary distractions. I love the way each recipe is laid out, with a shopping list and ingredient prep list, along with cooking instructions.
I love connecting with you guys by sending personal messages, testimonies, prayers and words of encouragement. If you read it correctly, you may cover it with one of your pieces or dot with your marker.
Sarah’s done all the hard work for me!  The recipes have used have all been delicious and easily adaptable to my family’s taste and the number of people I’m serving.
Thank you for providing such wondering learning activities that allow me to enrich my children’s lives.

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