Kyoto Animation, known for their massively successful “cute girls doing cute things” anime, “K-On!”(Which has been the focal point of many serious arguments on the internet that attribute it to the “moefication” of anime for a long time) has decided to go in the complete opposite direction in fanservice and have decided to animate Free!
While not explicitly yaoi, (guy-on-guy), animes like these follow character archetypes that women usually find moe (Moe is a whole different ordeal that will be defined at a later time. Sometimes shows characteristics of a father figure of the group or the smart one but all these attributes are contributed by the stereotype that comes with wearing glasses.

On a side note, you can readily pick out the characters from the archetype list I’ve made. Even so, this list can be easily changed to describe a ton of anime aimed towards a male audience. Besides, everybody deserves an anime that they can just “watch for the plot” and not just the ones that only interested in some T and A.Ignoring my monologue, if you’re interested in the anime, check it out!

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