Do you love to read but hate to walk or drive or rise from a prone position on your hammock?
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts: Collects several thousand texts, mostly from Project Gutenberg (see below).
British Library Online Gallery: This virtual museum includes scanned versions of important literary and religious works, plus historical texts and more. Classic Reader: As the name suggests, this site has over 3,000 classic works in e-book format. The Literature Network: Around 3,000 books and 4,000 poems and short stories, plus biographical information on the major authors. Page by Page Books: Several hundred books and stories, plus presidential inaugural addresses.

Project Gutenberg: The original online collection of free electronic books, with almost 30,000 books on the site.
Read Print: Thousands of fiction and non-fiction books, plus plays, poetry, essays and short stories. Universal Digital Library: Over 1 million works, ranging from the 1500s to the 21st century.
A traditional deck with 78 cards in total, the Rider-Waite deck is known for its abundant symbolism and is one of the most popular decks available.
The Rider-Waite deck was drawn by artist Pamela Colman-Smith under the instructions of Christian mystic and occultist Arthur Edward Waite. The Minchiate Etruria deck has 97 cards, extending the traditional Tarot decks by including cards that represent the astrological houses, four elements and additional trump cards.

Get the answers to your most pressing questions in the complete privacy & comfort of your own home. Most allow only limited previews of the scanned content, but there are a significant number of full texts available, ranging from literature to cookbooks to poetry and textbooks.
With the scanned documents, you can even enjoy the illustrations and the visual look and feel of the often historic works.

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