Clicking on a target or address will display a small window with a thumbnail photo and property information. Each properties window will have a link to the properties full color flyer (listing web page). Each virtual tour you create will come with a mini virtual tour widget you can add to your web pages and blogs. Get your very own loan calculator that you can paste into your website, blogs and directories.
The inventory slideshow module is a compact, but visually engaging widget that loops through all of your listings with eye-catching animation.
The easy-to-use configuration tool in the member area allows background color customization to match your website and blog design perfectly and advanced options let you choose between different animation effects. The Photowall inventory widgets put the focus on your property pictures and are suitable for those listings that have excellent photography. A website is one of your business’s most valuable assets, and now that the Internet is being used by 90% of people searching their next home (NAR), optimizing it should be a top priority.

Upon click-through on a photo, the corresponding single property website is shown to your visitors.
In addition to using a responsive design platform to make your site user-friendly, having tools that provide added value to your visitors will increase the effectiveness of your website. These tools will allow you to engage with more consumers and are not only easy to install, they’re also free. In this context, real estate website templates and inspiration from the best websites is an essential part of the design process.When a family decides to get a new place to live, it is often a serious and economically heavy decision.
Allows buyers to easily calculate mortgage payments, auto payments and other loan payments from your blogs, website and listing widgets all from your nifty, customized calculator.
You can configure the size of the slideshow to match the placeholder size on your website and blog.Also available is the RealBird Facebook Page app which uses this Photowall widget as one of the Facebook marketing options. You’re the local expert, but you may not always be available for clients or prospects when they are seeking additional information about your listings. As your partner in this fast paced industry we strive to provide tools that make your job as a real estate professional easier.

We all know that it is quite expensive to buy or rent a place to live and that it has a significant impact on our private economy.
Add it to popular email software clients such as Outlook and Gmail and each email you send out will automatically have your email widget attached to the footer of your email. Using as a sold inventory widget is a great way to show closed sales as a presentation tool to win new listings. The trend is, therefore, not surprising that property seekers often make extensive research online before they make a decision.Not surprisingly, it is necessary to have a well thought out and well-functioning website if you are in the real estate industry. This area is, in fact, essential for the activity of your business and determines how much money you can earn.

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