For registering in their site they will give 50 points now make  use of those then you can get an idea about this site . In my view they will give 150 bonus points for each day login so  that is more than enough to earn likes , shares what ever you need . Please share your feed back in terms of comments and also don't forget to like our facebook page  . Freetakie is also one of the popular free recharge site which you can earn recharge in freetalkie the users must complete the following adversting offer which they will pay you 2-3 rupees  of each completed offer you can also earn recharge by doing online shopping also but in freetalkie they take one day to get your recharge to your mobile number.
Here are the TOP5 best selling budget smart phones which are available under a price tag below 5000 rupees from online store and in near any retailer markets store when they are compared to outside retailer their might some price difference .But compared to online store so most of the users prefer online shopping for buy budget smart phones .
Here comes the first top most best selling smart phone which can be available at an price tag of 4999 rupees is Karbonn A 12 Plus.
Here comes our second recommendation of best selling smart phone under the price tag of 4949 rupees is NOKIA 501 and the New Asha 501 is built to perform.
Here is the one of the best of the recommended budjet level smart phone which is available at an price tag of 4199 rupess is the lava iris 401e. Today most of the people are using Smartphones of different Os like Android, Windows and iOS. Freeplus is another great app which pays you for viewing Ads and for downloading apps for Freeplus.
Cash Pandit is yet another free recharge app which provides recharge for downloading apps and completing offers easily. Hai friends I am here to tell you about "Free Recharge Websites" where we can earn or get the recharge very easily in less time. Top 6 free recharge sites for mobiles.These websites are very use full to earn money online every fast and you can recharge your mobile with this money.

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Everyone has mobiles phones but many of them did not have a time to get recharge, so that’s only Online recharge sites are growing day by day. It is just differ from the Amulyam, because through the Ultoo you can able to send free SMS to anyone and can make money by sending free SMS. It allows users to make money by sending free SMS, playing quiz, participating competitions, etc., and also you can earn money by just referring your friends. It is just differ from all the other talk-time providing sites, because it allows users to earn money by participating games. Unlike other sites, it allows members to earn recharge by just viewing inbox ads and some other regular contests. It is a budget Smartphone that is set to change the way you feel about mobile devices, Karbonn presents the A12+ that gives you functionality without burning the pocket. Just download the app for freeplus and earn upto a average of 20 Rs.You can also earn by referring a friend. The amazing thing about CashPandit is that it has some unique offers which aren’t present in other apps thus enabling you to earn some extra additional free recharge for free.
You can also recharge any phone number like your friend, your's, your mom's or your dad's.This is one of the great chance.
If you don't want to recharge your mobile you can directly send that money to your bank account. You can get 1 Rupee for 1 refer and earn 10 paise as a login bonus every day.Here also you can directly transfer your money to your bank account. Through these types of sites you can recharge your mobiles in a fraction of second with some online payment options like credit cards, debit cards, Online banking, etc., At the same time if they (recharge sites) will provide free recharge, then you feel unhappy?

And also you can make more money via the Referral Program, the minimum recharge amount is Rs.10. If your account will be attain a certain limit you can recharge your mobile with free of cost, and you can able to win lots of gifts.
And also you can get free recharge by inviting friends, they paid Rs.2 for every single Referrals. And the battery will keep you going with up to 48 days of stand-by time and the specification of this phone are Dual Sims, , Wi-Fi , 1 GHz Processor, 64 MB RAM, 128 MB inbuilt memory, 3 inches screen , 240 x 320 pixel display, 3.15 MP Camera, Memory Card Supported, up to 32 GB.
So you people should know about the websites which pays the total money which you earned for your recharge. Via these programs you can earn money from your mobile phones, pc, etc., and convert them into free mobile recharge.
So i am going to explain about some apps from where you can earn money and recharge your phone. You can get free recharge just by watching videos, playing games and sharing on Social networking sites.
In the below article i am going to discussed about the top 10 100% working free recharge sites in internet. As i explained Above just install the apps from mCent and get a minimum of 10Rs in your wallet.

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