Please, don’t forget to check the price before clicking the buy now button so you don’t accidentally pay for something you thought you were getting free! No worries, I have showed you how to find free books for your Nook in this post.  Don’t have either?  Amazon has a free app that you can download onto your smart phone, tablet, computer, or netbook so that you can get these same deals! If you find a great free book on Amazon, please be sure to drop me an email so I can tell my readers, too!  If I think it fits (and if I have time) I will write the post and link to your site as a thanks for notifying me! An Author Writes – Info about writing, literary events, books, guest authors, and my writing journey.

On this blog, I “Pay it Forward” to other authors by spotlighting them with a Guest Author Interview. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Guest Author Countries 41 including the United States, Canada (6), Sweden, United Kingdom (8), Cuba, Africa, Prague, Caribbean (3), Australia (3), Iran (2), Peru, Greece, Ecuador, Poland, Spain, Germany, Gautemala, Ireland (2), Netherlands (2), Scotland, Philippines, Denmark and France. Some stories are honest, funny and heartfelt, while other stories are jam packed with deceit, betrayal and revenge.

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