Check back each month for the next chapter in this free online romance novel exclusively from Romantic4Ever.
Joan has also created a great soundtrack to go along with each chapter in THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE so you can listen as you read. Joan Reeves is published in book-length fiction, in print periodicals, and all over the web under her own name, various pseudonyms, and as a ghost writer.
If you're looking for westerns, Christian or humorous love stories, you'll find them at Trinity Moon.
This is an excellent spot to work on losing those excess pounds and getting to a healthier level. Simply follow the story titles to fly away on a romantic adventure, to a far away land or to the backyards of American cities and down well-traveled country lanes.
Unlike modern weight loss gurus, I've been in your shoes, losing more than 100 pounds almost twenty years ago - and I've kept if off. Scout's Honor - 302 pages. What do you get when you mix ten scouts, a poor librarian, and her rich matchmaking friend? The stories at Trinity Moon are written by me - Sky Taylor, an internationally published author. It is my hope to fill your life with thoughts of romance - and I hope that you get a few laughs along the way. Keeping romance in mind, we hope that you will fly away on many of the romantic adventures at Trinity Moon - as well as those to come. As a note, the love stories at Trinity Moon require no downloading and are free to the reader.
If you wish to share a story at this site on your webpage, personal pages or blog, please provide a couple of intro sentences that lead to the Trinity Moon love story. An Author Writes – Info about writing, literary events, books, guest authors, and my writing journey.

On this blog, I “Pay it Forward” to other authors by spotlighting them with a Guest Author Interview. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Guest Author Countries 41 including the United States, Canada (6), Sweden, United Kingdom (8), Cuba, Africa, Prague, Caribbean (3), Australia (3), Iran (2), Peru, Greece, Ecuador, Poland, Spain, Germany, Gautemala, Ireland (2), Netherlands (2), Scotland, Philippines, Denmark and France. Visit her blog and go to the bottom of the page until you see the player for THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE. Joan has a husband who thinks she hung the moon, four children who think they are adults, and a ghost dog -- all the ingredients for a life warmed by laughter.
And there is no need to hide when reading as all of our stories contain no explicit passion scenes or foul language. Two seasoned cowboys don't have a clue when an infant is unexpectedly left in their care. Nanny Jordan needs a job - Hud needs a nanny, and mutual friend Elaine is the glue that binds.
I can show you how to lose the weight safely, how to keep it off forever, and how to reach a healthier state of life. Bride-to-be Josie had been tricked into accompanying her brother on a journey, Simon assuring her that he knew the perfect honeymoon spot. Unfortunate circumstances force Lace to seek shelter with her Uncle Quint, a seasoned cowboy who works at a prominent Texas ranch.
It may be to a far away land or to the backyard of American city - but one thing is certain; you'll always find a happy ending under the Trinity Moon. We have tried to strike a happy medium in regards to the length of the stories as every reader has a different computer - and many times, lives in different areas of the world. Complete stories may not be posted at other websites, including personal websites, blogs and chat rooms.

Some stories are honest, funny and heartfelt, while other stories are jam packed with deceit, betrayal and revenge.
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She thinks that love is the greatest of all riches and laughter smooths the rough edges of life. We have short pages for quicker downloading, as well as longer pages to satisfy those with faster capabilities. We do appreciate the links leading to the stories - and it is how Trinity Moon can remain strong for our readers while keeping in tune with International Copyright Law. Unfortunately, her best friend Colton Freeze knows all too well thata€™s something is going on, and he wona€™t give up until he knows exactly what he needs to fix. Brilliantly colored parrots, lorikeets and kingfishers flitted continually from branch to branch, so that the foliage appeared to be alive with movement. Can two mismatched, pretend lovers, caught in a comedy of errors courtship, catch a thief, recover stolen jewels–and resist the sweet siren call of desire?
Then Colton learns the trutha€”that Melaniea€™s future happiness rests in the fickle hands of fate, and her chances for having a family are shrinking with every passing day. The small launch chugged up the fast moving river at a pace that allowed the group of travelers to see the surrounding forest.

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