There are six different girls available (some names based on wicked) and lots of area's where you can build up your stats RPG-Wise, or meet and date with girls.
If you want to improve your productivity (in terms of time, commodity) writing emails, smses and other texts you'll like ZenTap. Thanks to the auto-completion the user commit less typos and makes between 2-5 times less taps on the keyboard compared with other editors.

You can start up your own stable with your friends, and compete against people from all over the world.
The game portrays the equestrian sports in a very realistic manner, trying to truly capture the feeling of horseback riding. You start the game by learning how to handle your horse through practice lessons guided by a teacher.

You will learn how to use the different paces of the horse, maneuver it, and finally, how to jump over obstacles with your horse.

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