WordPress Landing Page Templates: Create Affiliate Pages, Sales Letters and Squeeze Pages in Any WP Theme! WordPress is hands down the easiest way to create great looking websites that search engines and humans both love.
The only downside to using WordPress is that there are a lot of leaks and distractions if you are using it for pay-per-click landing pages, email squeeze campaigns and product sales pages. Items like the sidebar, blogroll links, categories and other items can allow your visitors to leave your site before they get to the meat of your offer or signup. The WordPress Landing Page Template Collection consists of 10 12 unique landing page templates that you can upload and use on any WordPress theme.
The templates are designed to be stand alone pages that have a different look and feel from the rest of your website. The sales page you are reading right now was creating using one of the landing page templates in this bundle!
You will simply upload the to your WordPress site and it will copy all of the template files over to your active WordPress theme. The WordPress Landing Page templates that make up this collection are based on some of the top converting sales letters and landing pages on the web today.
If you had one a customized landing page created like just one of these templates, you would easily have to pay hundreds of dollars.

Will the Templates Work in My Theme? The templates have been tested in many themes with zero problems reported. These bonuses are easily worth $40-$50 and you get them just for buying the WordPress Landing Page Template Bundle!
The Best Converting Sales Page Graphics for Internet Marketers – You get 25 sales page graphics to use on your sales letters and landing pages! The Best FREE Wordpress Plugins for Internet Marketers – This handy guide features an in-depth look at the top plugins to use in your sales letters, squeeze pages, affiliate landing pages and more all at zero cost!
You won't find a better collection of free WP plugins for Internet marketers anywhere else!
The topics range from how to install WordPress, making your blog search engine friendly, using widgets, setting up a contact page, installing themes, managing links and much more!
You might be wondering by now how much this OUTSTANDING landing page template bundle for WordPress is going to cost. Remember, you have 60-days to request a refund if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason.
As a matter-a-fact, if you have ever uploaded a WordPress theme or plugin, you will have no problem using these templates!
Then you will create a new page, write your sales copy and then choose the template from the drop down menu in WordPress.

The templates allow you to use your favorite WordPress theme for your overall website look and feel while creating individual pages with a different look and feel. If you give us your name and email address, we will give you one of our templates absolutely FREE! Click here to signup. If you purchase this bundle, you get all of the templates to use on an unlimited number of your own websites. If you decide to purchase this Amazing WordPress page template bundle, you get the following bonuses absolutely FREE!
ClickBank sells our products – they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. These templates are perfect for special offers, affiliate promotions, joint venture offers, email signup pages or squeeze pages, product sales letters, etc.
Our only requirement is that you do not share, giveaway or sell the templates to anyone else.

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