While your "Bags Fly Free" on Southwest Airlines, it's going to cost you to park you car at the airport.
If you're on an expense account, and your company hasn't yet sent out a memo on belt tightening, then these tips aren't for you. San Diego International Airport (SAN) has convenient parking facilities by Terminal 1 and 2 and the Commuter Terminal. SAN Park also operates a long term parking lot on Pacific Highway, about 3.5 miles from the airport.
Mission Brewery, 2.8 miles from SAN at 1765 Hancock Street has an outdoor self park online rate of only $8 a day. Your walk to the airport, even with rolling luggage, should take no more than 20 minutes to Terminal 2. Not only will your walk from there to the airport save you money and give you a little exercise, you will also see some lovely sights.
Of course, you can also take a taxi, public transportation, have a friend drop you off, or use one of the many excellent shuttle services. Perhaps there are no free lunches, but we can guarantee that there is free street parking near the airport.
Or i could just leave my car and your house and you can drop me off and pick me up, for free!!
Chevy's 2016 Suburban SUV is three vehicles in oneWatch most any federal motorcade and you’re bound to see a line of Chevrolet Suburban SUVs.

But if you like keeping more of what you earn for yourself, then you will want to read this advice.
SAN Park NTC, just west of Terminal 2 operates a long term lot that charges $16 a day, or $80 for a 5 day trip. Don't park anywhere along Harbor Drive, at Spanish Landing Park, opposite the Airport on Shelter Island, in the shopping mall parking areas at Liberty Station which are clearly signed for shoppers or employees with permits, or at any of the hotel properties near the Airport. If you're going further, to the Commuter Terminal, or Terminal 1, just stop first at Terminal 2 and take the free Airport red shuttle bus. You can stop at the Laning Road Starbucks for a coffee, or at the Sushiya next to it for a dragon roll with all the money you're saving on parking.
During college he worked at the International Arrivals Building at JFK in New York, while also logging time for his private pilot's license. There are many options for reduced rate, and even free parking at San Diego International Airport.
You'll pass the landlocked USS Recruit, a former naval training vessel, see sailboats on San Diego Bay, maybe a cruise ship or even an aircraft carrier passing through the harbor either to dock, or on its way to blue open waters. We park right outside the ABQ airport for about $3.00 per day with a coupon from the internet. If you know where to find it and don't mind a little walking, there's plenty of available on street parking close to the airport, which is both legal and safe. You'll walk near the coastal access Esplanade, parallel to the Nimitz Bridge, where fisherman like to cast their lines and try to catch a white sea bass, if they're lucky.

Joel has written articles on travel and tourism, air transport and airport operations, and noise pollution.
About a half mile further West on North Harbor Drive, toward Point Loma, Park Shuttle & Fly welcomes your wheels for $11 a day, $55 for our 5 day benchmark trip comparison.
Yellow Cab of San Diego can be reached at 619-444-4444, or you can send them a text message using your cell phone with your pickup address to 777222. Then we explored street parking options closer to San Diego International Airport, and cut that walking time by more than half.
Like most cities, San Diego has a 72 hour maximum parking limit ordinance on public streets. If you are even more budget minded, the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) bus route 923 runs along Harbor Drive, and will drop you off near the airport for just $2.25.
As noted below, the San Diego Airport Examiner has parked here for up to a week without incident.

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