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As a stay-at-home father I’m constantly looking for outdoor activities to do with my kids.
Recently a friend from Point Loma mentioned that the La Playa beach is a great place for playing in the sand. There is not a view of Downtown, it’s blocked by Shelter Island, but to the south you can see out into the Pacific Ocean and watch ships large and small coming and going.
There are a couple of drawbacks to La Playa – there is little parking (on-street only, no lot) and no restrooms. Overall La Playa is a great place to visit in the late afternoon when the shade is most plentiful and you can savor the close of another wonderful day in our great city. It offers a wholly different beach experience from most of the sandy spots in San Diego since it’s so quiet and calm. See Page 2 for a discussion on the potential Cancer Cluster in Point Loma around the private San Diego Yacht club from 2006.
The area around Kellogg Beach has way more tidal action compared to the Sand Traps with contaminated soils that exist closer to Shelter Island Drive under the private marina areas.
My dogs and I enter the water at Kellogg Beach, and south of the boat launch ramp on Shelter Island where there is also a strong tidal surge, and lack of sand traps.

Through there is no scientific proof one way or the other, the unconfirmed Cancer Cluster may have been the result of leaching of Copper Anti-Fouling Paint that existing in Bay sediments below the pleasure marinas, all around San Diego Bay.
I remember the Mission Bay issue was kept quiet, then brought to light by an eye opening Reader article- so shocking I actually kept the physical copy of the Reader and still have it today.
Donna Fry admirably made this part of her platform, had a study commissioned, then the whole thing was forgotten again- surely not by her intent for more malfeasance but because I believe at this stage of the game it’s become too decomposed to safely remove and they just hope for the best.
It’s amazing how several generations made a mess of some of the most valuable natural and man made waterways on the west coast in such a short time, that will take centuries to undo if it ever can be undone at all. All of which I guess has gone on and will continue to go on all over the world, from the huge undersea public dumps of the US East Coast continental shelf, to the Shipbreaking debacle in the Indian Ocean coastal waters. The beach is called Kellogg Beach and is named after Kellogg Street the last public street at the south end of Rosecrans before the Point Loma Naval Base. Kellogg Beach is managed by the Port of San Diego and it is located within the original La Playa neighborhood. See Page 33 for pictures of Kellogg Beach from the 1920s-1930s when the La Playa Portuguese Tuna Captains docked their ships at the end of McCall Street. The La Playa Trail (now Rosecrans and Camino Del Rio South in Mission Valley) was the route to fresh water in Old Town. Another little-known gem of a family-friendly beach is the strip on Sail Bay directly in front of the Catamaran Hotel (bayside).

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There are sooo many possible long and even short term health risks inherent to swimming in, eating fish from, and ingesting SD bay water it’s frightening.
Cancer clusters also reported in residents in the hills of Bay Ho, and didn’t the city have a robotic chemical sniffing dog roaming the park for awhile?
La Playa and Old Town are the original two residential and commercial subdivisions on the original 1849 Survey by Cave Johnson Couts, before California became a State in 1850. It’s not the SD bay (or even Mission bay) of years past, but is it clean enough for kids to be in? Most are gone, how much of their legacy sits in the sediment, waiting to be churned up in a good storm or when a large ship navigates the bay channel?
I know that several of our mutual friends have passed on, and the Cluster was always blamed for their deaths.

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