With over a trillion unique URLs competing to be highly ranked in major search engines SERPs as well as search engines becoming much more stringent in order to provide its users with a more relevant and high-quality content sites, it has become more essentially important to assess your site’s current search engine optimization situation in detail thru an SEO Site Audit. In professional Search Engine Optimisation, an SEO Site Audit is the process of making an in-depth review of your site in order to assess its current search-effectiveness and help determine on-site and off-site factors which may decrease your site’s visibility in the search engines, cause it to be indexed incorrectly or result in low search engine rankings. Likewise, an SEO Site Audit can help determine what needs to be done to improve your sites current search-effectiveness and track a site’s performance over time by way of concentrated analysis based on up-to-date search engine guidelines and techniques. Do a site search — checks number of pages returned and site’s placement in first result.
Great place to find and read SEO Articles, Social Media and SEO News and other resources related to Search Engine Optimization. We will review your site to review the various keywords that you are targeting for each page and provide recommendations on how this can be improved. In addition to any technical issues, we will look at the links that point to your site and give my recommendations on what is going on and in what way this is currently affecting your organic rankings.
Lastly we will take a look at the content of your website and provide recommendations on what you can do to improve your content strategy for the greatest SEO impact.

Are you uncertain whether your website is fulfilling its potential as a search engine friendly marketing machine? It also provides articles and news about Web Design and Development and Pay Per Click Advertising. We will also review your site architecture and other important on-page SEO elements and provide recommendations that follow best practices.Furthermore, we will review the site for any technical issues that might be hindering the overall SEO of the site including things dealing with crawlability, redirects, errors, sitemaps, page speed, content markup, and indexation. Or perhaps, are you wondering if your site’s structure or design is as search engine friendly as it should be? Using Predictive Analytics 48 How Virtual Reality is Transforming Shopping 31 Image: GDPR: Do You Know What Data Protection Breaches Could Cost You?
We at Evolve Digital Labs hear this question often because few people are familiar enough with Search Engine Optimization to understand the need for an SEO-specific examination.The whole point of the audit is to evaluate a website for its ability to be seen (and therefore, “crawled”) by search engines like Google.
As you may know, these search engines assess billions of web pages a day, and doing so allows them to rank them according to quality and relevance.A decent SEO audit will diagnose the on-site health of a website.
This information is critical to digest – but in this competitive age, it isn’t enough to jumpstart a website’s digital strategy.

An excellent SEO audit takes other factors into consideration as well – such as the quality of links that competitors are earning from outside sources.
You’ll have a better grasp of what kinds of solutions you should provide in order to transform your website into a resourceful hub of information.Evolve Digital Labs offers SEO Audits as a core service– but for those who wish to give it a go on their own, we compiled a free, downloadable Audit Checklist. You’ll see three main components: On-site Analysis, Competitive Analysis, and Keyword Research. Completing this list will provide you with more insight to your dot-com than you ever thought you would need!

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