Brandpoint's winter business and careers supplement is filled with free content your readers can use. We are updating our records and want to make sure we have your information correct in our database. Are you able to draw a substantial salary from your business or do you struggle to pay yourself adequately? If you pay rent and wages, are these creating regular anxiety for you wondering how you are going to pay them this month?
When was the last time you had a real Holiday, Relaxed and Enjoyed quality time with your loved ones? Stress is a killer - how well do you sleep at night and do you leave work issues AT WORK or bring them home with you? Are you Happy For No Reason or do you feel as if there is a perpetual dark cloud hanging over you head? What strategies do you have in place to address all of these stifling issues you are grappling with from day-to-day? Strategy Library - worth 100 times the price of membership, this library is a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Advertising and Marketing Library - we've assembled 8 powerful, results-producing libraries to provide you with the tools, resources and support you need to generate leads, attract new clients, create competition-crushing marketing and develop million dollar messages. Email Library - finally… a total and complete library of emails that do it all… from generating new leads to attracting new clients to nurturing your clients with email autoresponders. Template Library - imagine having your own state-of-the-art graphic layout and design templates so you know specifically how to achieve top results from your marketing and advertising, website, landing pages, business cards, reports, etc. Headline Bank - more than 350 of the world's most powerful headlines that can jump-start your marketing and advertising copy. Sample Letter Library - what if you could instantly learn the secrets used by the world's foremost copywriters and use their secrets to write sales letters that would flood your business with leads and sales? Script Template Library - now you can create the perfect on-hold message, voice mail message and a receptionist script that transforms your receptionist from a glorified answering machine into a powerful salesperson and lead generator. Every week we teach you marketing strategies and tactics that will generate as many leads for your business as you can handle and explain the best ways to convert those leads into paying clients. Each strategy we cover includes tons of examples so the information provided can be easily applied to every business. The content for each weekly Group Coaching call is specifically designed to help provide a "transformational" experience for each business that applies the information. Since taking on this marketing system to assist in our strategic direction, my company has increased revenues from $14K to a whopping $52K per month!
After taking on your online program my company did $245,000 in sales due to your basic principles (namely loss leader, referrals and disciplined follow up). Just after joining your program, I realized the opportunity I was missing by not leveraging my past clients.

This program comes with the weekly Group Coaching from one of the top sales and marketing experts available today. I normally sell this weekly service as a stand-alone retail product for $897.00 Per Month - such is the value and impact that this systematically guided service has on a business. I am in the process of writing my next book and with your approval I would like to highlight your business, and your success with my Strategic Guidance, in my book. I'm one of the top 150 elite Marketing Strategists from around the world and we all contribute to, not just the content of this world class E-Learning System here, we also contribute to our Marketing Scholarship Fund which allows us to invest in businesses we believe are worthwhile investing in!
Having my WRG in place means I have a larger stake in your business's successful target achievements.
Let's be honest… right now you don't, unless you're familiar with our world-class reputation in the business growth community.
Have you ever seen any online program with a content lineup like this… especially with direct access to personal guidance and mentoring? We've been helping small business owners just like you get their business growing quickly and making money for years. Our New Year's and resolutions supplement has articles containing tips on living your best life possible in 2016.
Our boomer and beyond supplement has articles containing tips on retirement planning, health and travel content.
On March 31, 2016, millions of people from around the world watched Elon Musk unveil the Tesla Model 3.
With the busy travel season upon us, people comb through travel websites and brochures looking to find their ideal vacation destination. Most people can’t imagine being terrified by the sound of a fork falling and hitting the ground.
Results of a survey of patients prescribed opioids for chronic pain sheds light on constipation, a common side effect of opioid therapy. It contains articles on topics from changing careers to being more efficient in the job you have. How would you like to learn a strategy you can apply in less than 1 minute, costs you zero dollars to implement and is all but guaranteed to increase your revenue and profits by a minimum of 30%?
Inside this section are entire libraries filled with proven and tested ads and marketing collateral, elevator pitches, unique selling propositions (USP's), powerful sales letters, scripts and emails.
This library provides you with the resources you need to create emails that compel your prospects to engage with you, and the autoresponder templates you can use to model your very own "competition-crushing" drip campaign. The Headline Bank gives you the unprecedented ability to write eye-catching headlines that transform browsers into buyers. What if you could follow a simple, paint-by-numbers 9 step formula for writing sales letters that would practically force your prospects to buy from you on the spot? The future looks bright and I cannot believe everything you do for me for $397 per month!!!

I immediately implemented a follow up program I observed in the online system strategy library. My WRG states that if, after the 12 months of working with the program you have not reached a mutually agreed target, then I will work with you for FREE until that target is achieved!
So what I am going to also include in your program, are THREE 45 minute 1-on-1 Strategic Coaching Sessions over the first 90 days to ensure you develop the necessary momentum! Our free, high-quality articles are professionally written and edited to provide your readers with the very best content.
They don’t understand how someone cannot sleep because the fear of recurring nightmares keeps them awake. These headlines make readers stop in their tracks, pay attention to every word of your copy, and click your "Add to Cart" button without a second thought.
All of this awaits you in our Sample Letter Library, along with 59 of the most powerful, results-producing sales letters ever created. But, my WRG is like joining a gym - you can't join a gym and not go - and then blame the gym if you don't get the results! I normally charge $497 for a 45 minute session with my Platinum Clients, but I'm not charging you for these sessions - they're going to be included in your package.
Everyone will tell you they can help you build your business… or that they have the best products and services. Over the next 12 months my goal is to take revenues to $100K per month and I believe it will absolutely happen thanks to all the done-for-you advertising and marketing resources afforded to me for my monthly fee. So if you do what I say you should do, this is the only proviso I have - you've got to give it a good crack AND you Have to have attended or listened to at least 80% of the Group Coaching calls - well, if you do that and you still haven't reached your target, I will work with you for FREE until we do reach your target! We believe the proof lies in "RESULTS." Isn't that what you want for your business and your bottom line… RESULTS? And it's why we want to partner with you… someone who shares our values as well as our vision. We can teach you a strategy for mailing thousands of highly qualified prospects and actually put money IN your pocket every time you execute this strategy. These letters are responsible for driving millions of dollars in revenue to companies such as Newsweek, Time Magazine, Mercedes Benz, Mastercard and Timex. These are just two of the twenty-six strategies we have waiting for you in our Strategy Library that will explode your bottom line revenue.

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