In response to a Halloween rave that was held at the NuHart Plastics Factory in Greenpoint (shown above), Assemblymember Joseph Lentol wrote to New York State Attorney General Eric T.
Even if that means throwing a drug-infused rave in an abandoned warehouse that is filled with toxic waste, fails to meet fire regulations and is over capacity by 2,500 people.
That is exactly what happened this past Saturday on Halloween when CityFox, a Zurich-based entertainment company, decided to throw a massive rave inside the NuHart Plastics Factory, a deserted Greenpoint warehouse, part of which is a Superfund site. On Wednesday, Assemblymember Joseph Lentol  (D-North Brooklyn) wrote to New York State Attorney General Eric T. In the letter, Lentol commented on CityFox’s attempt to throw a party in the NuHart Factory, saying, “Organizing a large-scale party of this nature at this location is akin to having a pool party in Newtown Creek.
Ben Colombo, a Department of Buildings spokesman, released a statement explaining why the rave was shut down. In addition to the excess of tickets sold and combustible substances inside the factory, there was also hazardous waste on the site. CityFox was also able to acquire New York City Department of Buildings and New York State Liquor Authority permits in just a few days — a process that usually takes at least 30 days. The permit applications also had erroneous information and several different addresses on them, but the permits were issued nonetheless.
Lentol articulated that while he isn’t opposed to parties themselves, he worries about his constituents’ safety. Go a little deeper into Brooklyn, to Crown Heights, and there is another planned party that is also being met with resistance. The Time Warp Music Festival, a two-day electronic music festival that started in Germany, is set to take place at the Bedford-Union Armory on Nov. Richard Hurley, an attorney and leader of a local group of block associations, sent out several emails to the community about the festival.
Time Warp, however, assured its ticketholders that the festival will continue as planned, and that they received all proper authorization before starting ticket sales. Threes, the award-winning puzzle game based on combining numbers to form higher multiples of three, has a free version on iOS and Google Play today thanks to Hidden Variable Studios.

Rather than popping ads up when you least expect them or constantly bugging you with microtransactions, Hidden Variable Studios worked to implement advertisements in the least intrusive manner possible. Hidden Variable Studios has also announced that it has teamed up with iam8bit to release Threes merchandise featuring custom artwork from Philip Tseng and Cory Schmitz.
Threes won several awards when it was released last year, including a mention in our Top 50 Games of 2014 list in our February 2015 issue. Our TakeThrees is an awesome puzzle game that owes much of its charm and addictiveness to how fast you can get back into the game after you close out your last board. It?s well known that some movies get stuck on the shelf for a while, only to be dumped onto DVD or VOD without much fanfare; after all, somebody needs to make some money for all that work. A startup company created by entrepreneur and CEO Rose Adkins, ScreenHits is a rather unique online marketplace for distribution companies to acquire TV shows, digital programming and films, based on direct correspondence with audiences, who can presumably rate and comment on content for studio perusal.
The Pilot Showcase, according to Variety, will host 50 produced pilots that weren?t picked up to series, and since the shows will have Hulu-like advertising breaks, this will serve as a way for producers and studios to make back some of the money spent on productions and casts.
Apparently people can also pre-order series if they indeed get acquired, but I don?t really understand what they?re ordering, unless it gets picked up to air on ScreenHits for a premium price.
Adkins, a former employee of NBCUniversal, already has a deal to air projects from Lionsgate, Fox International Channels, Hasbro, eOne, Turner Broadcasting System, Telemundo Media and more. The industry is moving away from the pilot process, shifting over to ordering entire series straight out. Who's Online Contributions List Contribution Actions Contribute My Contributions Contribute Arcade What's New?
Abusive or inappropriate comments or comments that are specifically promotional in nature may be removed. You can check out the resulting merchandise and pick up anything that catches your eye by heading here.
It's great to see a development team implement ads in the least intrusive manner possible, and hopefully it will turn more people on to one of our favorite games from last year. Earn your free hit to grab an iPhone 6, bonus cash, reward points, and up to Rs.2 lakh in cash prizes!

We play, review and analyse the games at different rummy websites comprehensively to give you the best review on online rummy games. The site goes live on May 28, but it?s July 1 that really has our attention, as that?s when ScreenHits will debut their Pilot Showcase.
What?s more, they?ll remain on the site for six months, where networks could theoretically then step in and pick the show up, assuming everyone involved is still available. Without being able to see the website in motion, I?m not quite sure how it?s going to work. ScreenHits is also working to allow advertisers to ?pick pilots to back and finance for completion as branded entertainment.? Does that mean we?ll be getting the Doritos Variety Hour at some point?
And while that seems like the obvious route, perhaps ScreenHits will shake things up and flip things back around to pilot-friendly line-ups. For now, the site is focussed on the Vancouver market only, so it may be a good place to find a little sweet summer romance! If players decide they don't want to keep watching ads to earn credits, they are given the option to quickly purchase the full version of the game. Earn your super ticket in the daily tournaments and compete to win up to Rs.2 lakh in cash prizes!
You can also get the latest updates on rummy promotions and contests taking place on different rummy sites. 2 album of the past week was the posthumous Michael Jackson compilation Xscape, released in part because some people needed to get paid. If you'd like to see how the ads within this version work, you can check out the GIF below.
And let?s not forget the same network?s botched Wonder Woman pilot, which audiences would have inevitably forced into existence had ScreenHits been around in 2011.

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