Website Builder hosting allows you to host a website for free, but the HTML customization is limited if at all.
100 Gb data transfer limit per month – this is the bandwidth allotted for viewing and accessing your site. PHP-Nuke Hosting - Cheap web hostingThe Best UNLIMITED PHP-Nuke Hosting from $2.45 per month, the most . PHP Nuke Hosting - Free 30 Day TrialFor your PHP Nuke built web site, use Site5 for a web host. I included two lists, one for free html web hosting site and another for free website builder hosting.
This is a great choice if you don't know much about HTML and prefer using website templates. This ad-free web & feature-rich host has earned overall positive reviews from its users since it also provides all of the elements and tools needed to build and maintain websites.

Using free PHP site hosting may prove to be a bit challenging, especially if you want your site to look professionally conceptualized, or what others may call their “dream website".
Again, this is quite good for a free PHP hosting site, especially if you’re just starting out as a website owner. Google Sites also integrates easily with Google's other services making it the most versatile and practical website builder. Here’s the best free PHP hosting site that’s full of useful features, includes plenty of disk space, and provides great bandwidth. This is quite large for a free PHP hosting site, where others provide only 1Gb at the most. If you have 100 viewers and each of them consume 100kbps, this means they will be consuming a total of 10mbps of bandwidth. If you’re new to web hosting and you still think that this is limited, you can look at it this way: a PHP file has an average size of less than 100kb.

If you’re concerned that it might not be enough to accommodate your images, just keep in mind that too much or too large of image files will cause your website to take longer to load. But still, if you think that this is not enough for your website’s purpose, you can simply upgrade your free hosting account to get unlimited data transfer or bandwidth for $4.84 a month.
Our hosting is run by developers who are very passionate about PHP-Nuke and our servers .
For a website to load quickly in browsers, make it a point to keep your images in a small file size.

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