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If you are involved in a construction or demolition project, in the UK, worth A?300,000 or more, you have a legal duty to complete a Site Waste Management Plan.
This site will get you started with all the details you need to know about what a Site Waste Management Plan is as well as how to go about creating and maintaining a Site Waste Management Plan. If you are involved in a construction or demolition project, in the UK, worth A?300,000 or more, you have a legal duty to complete a Site Waste Management Plan, often abbreviated to SWMP.
The installation, maintenance or removal of all related services such as electrical, gas, water, sewage and telecommunications are also subject to this requirement. A SWMP is started before any construction activity begins (although you are advised to prepare one immediately if you have started work without one). Then, when the project works begin, each time waste is removed from the site its type and quantity are recorded. Since you are legally required to use a Site Waste Management Plan, you are forced to think about how you will manage waste on your project.
Fixed penalties of A?300 are now increasingly being handed out, indeed one contractor recently described them as "spilling out like parking tickets". The DTI Site Waste Management Plan voluntary code of practice was an older piece of voluntary guidance, issued in 2004, which has now been superseded by the Site Waste Management Plans Regulations 2008. Responsibilities for the Site Waste Management Plan should be written into the terms of the contract, to avoid any misunderstanding. Clients often engage the Principal Contractor to produce the Site Waste Management Plan as part of the contract; you need to check this if you are acting as Principal Contractor. When you first start your project, someone will specify the waste minimization measures and the waste estimates. After the project starts, quite often a different person will be put in charge of keeping the plan up to date (perhaps an administrator).

The Principal Contractor must make sure that the Site Waste Management Plan is kept at the site office, or if there is no site office, somewhere else at the site. The Principal Contractor must keep the plan for two years after the completion of the project, at the Principal Contractora€™s principal place of business or at the project site. Record estimates of the types and quantities of waste that you expect this project to produce. Once the project works begin, record each time waste is either transported off-site, or handled on-site (eg waste being crushed and used as aggregate). At every stage, you should be able to generate reports to track your progress and make sure you are maximising the profitability of your waste handling.
A good plan, that complies with the Site Waste Management Plans Regulations 2008, will address all parts of the legislation, and will be available on site at all times, either in electronic or printed form. It also produces real time reports and graphs with just one click of the mouse, helping you to prepare for management meetings and analyse your projects for maximum profitability. Throughout the construction process you are expected to update your SWMP with your actual waste movements due to certain logistical and waste management hurdles which you will come across which will, in turn, change your site waste management plan.
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In this case, the PDF was automatically generated using Safety Agenda Site Waste Management Plan, a software tool that helps ensure legal compliance.
Prosecutions can result in A?50,000 fines, or on-the-spot penalties, and both companies and individuals can be held liable. They are required for civil engineering and engineering projects as well as projects involving the maintenance, alteration and decoration of existing structures. You create an estimate of the types of waste that will be produced on a project, and the quantity of each type of waste.
Reports can then be created to make sure waste is dealt with in the most effective and profitable way possible.

Including Site Waste Management Plan information in induction training or as part of environmental awareness training can help with this aim. By thinking about minimising waste disposal and maximising re-use, reclamation and recycling from the very start of your project, you can save money on your materials, disposal costs and labour. An individual person (thata€™s YOU) can be prosecuted, as well as the company itself being prosecuted!
This person is likely to be the Project Manager or Contract Manager, or the person (or department) who priced the job. This record keeper may be on the site where the project is taking place, or back at head office. They must ensure that every contractor knows where it is kept, and must make it available to any contractor carrying out work described in the plan. If you are using web-based software such as Safety Agenda Site Waste Management Plan, the plan will always be available on-site, since it can be accessed via the internet at any time. Duty of care goes wider than a SWMP, but your SWMP will address issues also discussed in the Duty of Care. Safety Agenda Site Waste Management Plan is the fastest and easiest way to be fully compliant at all times with the legislation. With the progression of sustainability in construction over the last decade, it is now against the law to start construction work with an SWMP.
This can add up to highly significant savings, when you consider that around 10% of any construction budget is waste (i.e.

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