Those who are not familiar with the site, it lets  you send free SMS to any mobile number anywhere in India. The website has around 14 million active users, and holds the proud tag of fastest SMS delivery to any mobile in India. 160by2 a service which was started a year back and has become a huge hit because of their excellent features.
Way2SMS is another free SMS sending service which offers more SMS sending characters limits which is upto 92 characters and thats more better than 160by2 sms service.
Jaxtr is a service which was launched in March 2007 which has a real huge membership of 10 million + with members from around 220 countries and they not only offer free sms service but also offers free calls recieving from all over the world making it the worlds largest talk network. GizmoSMS is another free International SMS service using which you can send a SMS to any country all over the world. Atrochatro is a free sms sending service with a twist, which means they not only offer free sms sending to india but also offers numerous other services like free SMS samples for different occassions with games, free-ecards and lot more. IndyaRocks is a social networking website whose one small feature is sending SMS to registered members all over the world.
4.Invite your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail , MSN ,face book, Orkut , India times, MySpace, hi5, Google CVC etc.
You can try out all of those services and post their feedback because i made reviews by testing out some and not all. I would like to know if there is any service which lets us send the FREE anonymous SMS as shown once on the news.
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The advertiser: The ads are powered by our Smart Match Ad Server Engine that appends contextual ad to user generated messages- based on profiling as well as context of conversation.
Online and Offline Marketing initiatives: The trial launch of advertiser program has already led to highly encouraging results – we have small time local businesses like a boutique, gym, PC retailer, travel agent advertising with us.
Users and Advertisers Data on 160By2 SMS Advertising Platform: As of 15 July 2007, we had 22K plus users, with an extremely high proportion of active users. Though your cell phone is one of your best friends but sometimes it can ditch u ?? , like if you are low on balance and it is very necessary to send that one last goodnight message to your girlfriend , or maybe text a group of friends to confirm the plan for the movie, Or maybe there is no network at your place and it is very important to send a message to some one.
160by2 is the world leading personal messaging website to send free messages to colleagues, relatives and friends in all over India. Now you can get the free SMS advantages from the well known 160by2 straight from your Android phone. The competition between the mobile service providers is at its best, but still, the prices are not that low that you can send messages without any worry. With its good features, the site competes well with Way2SMS, the fastest growing online SMS sending portal. Basically this service just allows you to send in a SMS message to any mobile phone in India which is 80 characters long and they automatically attach a 80 characters sized text based relevant[contexual] advertisement in order to make money from this service.

These guys offer your phone number of your member pages from which others can give you a call by keeping your phone number private. Even though there are no charges for sending a SMS but the reciever may get charged for recieving a SMS and this depends on the carrier and their services. Most of these services are useful to mobile phone users and this is the very reason it has recently recieved a huge hit.
Also features tools to add free sms sending to myspace and SMS sending to over 100 countries all over the world. Using Voip Buster we can send anonymous SMS, but limited to one per id (also it required a download). The one i can use to send out messages to people and they will receive it immediately through their cell phones.
We had a response from 160By2 team which is successfully  running SMSCountry a Free SMS website for the past 4 years which lead them to found 160By2. The advertising industry is still not very clear on some of the issues about mobile advertising.
Since we conceived this idea we have been in constant touch with Brand Managers of some of largest brands in India and also with some major Medial Planning Agencies. They have also not raised any funding and all the operations are funded by internal accurals. 9 Years of unique coverage and analysis on the Indian Telecommunications, Mobile, Broadband, Web 2.0, Startups and the Technology Sector. The website which ranks as the 76th most popular in India according to Alexa also ranks as the seventh most popular WAP site in India according to a recent survey by Opera.
Do leave in your comments and if you are using any better site, then do share it with us! With the aid of 160by2 everyone able to send free SMS to any mobile number whether GMS or CDMA. Even though this service has ads in each SMS, the users got fan of this and have promoted it a lot within their network. You just need to signup with them, verify your mobile phone by entering your number and entering the confirmation on their test call. This service also offers a feature of free calls where you can call up the person whom you have sent a free SMS. Also another unique service by this website is that they offer Group SMS service by sending a SMS to all your friends at the same time which may be useful at times of occassions and every verified and registered member in your group can recieve your sent SMS. The company is founded by Satya Yerramsetti and Raju Kalluri and the team has diverse specializations complementing each other. Traditional advertising channels like TV, Radio, newspaper, billboards etc do not capture consumers’ complete attention. Identifying this “emotion” in the SMS communication is the key to serving an appropriate ad.

We are developing tools for the advertisers so as to where they can play around with our data. We have about 60 plus advertisers, of which five odd advertisers are big national brands while remaining are small to medium businesses who want to advertise with new age media advertising.
One of the most popular features on the website is contacts back up feature, wherein users can back up their mobile phone contacts online.
According to a recent survey for free messaging websites, there are more than 12 million users are accessing this website every month, the report says.
Simply register for your account and send free SMSs between India, Kuwait, UAE, UK, USA, Saudi, Singapore, Philippines & Malaysia.
Currently the members base of 160by2 has increased over a million users and this was just possible in a year.
Internet solves this problem to some extent when relevant ads are served in context of intent from the consumer.
We endeavor to capture this emotional communication or “emocation” and serve the advertisers with the right audience.
We have been giving advertisers a FREE trail period offer for them to create some campaigns, test the medium and also look at the results live. Rich experience with user feedback from running SMSCountry is distinguishing them from the rest of the crowd. We have compiled this list of 5 cool sites that allow you to send SMS’s to help you stay in constant contact with your friends, families and even your customers… Read on to explore the Power of Internet! If you have already existed account, then you just make simple login to access the service. Most of Asian countries have low internet penetration but very high mobile penetration with high SMS usage.
We should be able to balance the demand for free SMS against availability of an ad inventory that pays for delivery of SMS. If the Mobile Operators are forced to open the discussed interface, then SMS advertising companies can make a killing.
There will be seasonal peaks and troughs, and the challenge will be to balance these out over a period of time. Additionally, it lets you import your phone book contacts to app, so you will never miss your buddies. Once you will get registered you can login to 160by2 and start experiencing the amazing services offered by this site.

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