There are many websites out there on the web which let us send free unlimited SMS to India. Note: Numbers registered with Do Not Disturb Registry (DND) may not receive SMS sent via any of the above sites. The major drawback of these service is that the identity of the sender can not be verified which is a big loophole. It seems far more better than the other similar websites who have word limit of 140 characters. About The Author+Namit Gupta is a web enthusiast and blogger who loves all things technology.
Over usage ‘ll result in termination of free service and ads may also start appearing along with your sms.

Thus it is a compromise with the security standards since this service can be easily misused by some anti-social elements. I wish to use this service to send msgs of character mor than 500 plz guide me how to send msgs usin ur dis service..
You can also check the message delivery report that implies that the message delivery system is very fast.
It supports sending sms to most of the countries and all the renowned international operators. Please tell more about where I send about 500 English Bulk SMS per day or more without any cost in India only. Some of these websites include ads along with our message, some are available only at limited time and some promise not to include ads but still they do.

After much research and testing i have come across three websites  which is offering ad free sms and upto 500 characters. The most impressive part is the 500 characters limit, which no other online SMS sender provides and that too with unlimited SMS.

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