You have to search many websites for any MP3 song and most of these websites are full of advertising clutter, misleading download links and also difficult to confirm if you are downloading the correct song.
Music2PC is a superb, small [only 1.93 MB size] MP3 free song downloading utility that that removes all this clutter of searching of many websites for your favorite MP3 song.
When you enter the query just click Search button and you will be presented with many downloading links with name of artist, name of the song, name of source website and duration of the song for your favorite MP3.
The interface is though not polished, you may find the Music2PC much better tool than Music Download Centre.

It is very rare that you don't find the video you want and there are may software developed around it.
Most of MP3 song downloading sites are either paid or a torrents which are not secure and you may end-up with downloading viruses. You just have to enter a title of song, no matter even if you don't know the exact full words, you can enter part of the song or you can also search the song by name of the Artist. Just click the download button and from the list you feel more accurate and the song will be downloaded to your defined folder.

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