You are excited to self-publish, but sorting through the sheer quantity of offerings, claims, and technologies is overwhelming. In this tutorial, I'll show you how you can easily turn our free ebook cover templates into your own sales generating product cover. Among my best sources for DRM-free-books over the last few years have been the StoryBundle and Humble Bundle collections. I spend a good part of each week researching the topic and, for authors of trade paperback books with no or few illustrations, my answer is to use these two services for creating your e-book and print book: Smashwords and CreateSpace.
These belief-systems, when stated as propositions, may appear mystical or genuine to the naive, but when confronted with a testable bases from reason and experiment, they fail miserably. Pay a minimum and access the base collection of titles, or pay the average and get several e-book bonuses.

They are reasonably priced and offer a great variety of fiction (and, in some sub-themes, non-fiction as well. Other worthy anthologies in this series include collections by Chekhov, Ambrose Bierce, Chesterton, Fitzgerald and others. What are the chances that my blog will stand out from the hordes of others competing for the limited attention of readers?a€? Sound familiar? If you don't like the selections in this list or the arrangement, take it up with the author(s). Create Your Smashwords E-Book Smashwords, which Ia€™ve written about before, continues to be a very popular e-book publishing service. I maintain that faiths (types of beliefs) create more social problems than they solve and the potential dangers from them could threaten the future of humankind.

Some of them might have been films instead of the books themselves but I see no problem in reading them either!
You can donate a percentage of your purchase to worthy causes, and all the books are DRM-free.
The new StoryBundle, for instance, celebrates the short story and features work by authors who have won major awards, including the Nebula and Hugo Awards and the World Fantasy Award.
Open a free account (they take 10% of sales), and provide all the data about your book (title, description, price, key word tags, cover, etc.).

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