If you’d like to learn more about Seth, his shows, his teaching, check out his website. Receive new photos, photo shoots, videos, special offers and other cool photography stuff delivered straight to your email inbox. I Can't Stop Laughing At What This Brilliant Man Did To Get His Sons To Stop Texting At The Dinner Table.
If You Listen With Your Eyes Closed, You Would Think This Parrot Was A Real Baby - MIND BLOWN!

When your cat is getting the balanced nutrition she needs for each life stage, it will show in her eating, behavioral and physical habits every day. If you think this is both hilarious and awesome, make sure to share it with everyone you know!
Textural variety, like that offered in the new Tender Selects Blend, can help keep that appetite going strong. Thought a video would be nice to kind of describe the shoot and show some of the shots we got from that.

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