Latest Resources Teaching post in Brazil Cultura Inglesa and Cel Lep, SA?o Paulo are two of Brazil s best and most traditional English schools.
In case youa€™ve just arrived: Shoes is a graphics toolkit for writing colorful apps using the Ruby programming language.
The beauty of programming is that it does not matter how old you are (well, under seven is possibly a bit optimistic) you can learn using exactly the same, mostly free, resources to be found on the internet. A visually appealing website design will not result in lots of recurring visitors if you don't have good content. Point-N-Click your way to create Web 2.0 images in less than 20 seconds without any software at all!
If you are not satisfied with ready-made blog and website templates and want to build your own design, having a bare-bone structure might make it easier. What theya€™ve done with Small Basic is reintroduce hand-coding software, but with just a little less help than drag-and-drop or WYSIWYG interface. Friday 16th May, Ground Floor, 14:30 a€?A whirlwind overview of the latest online tools supporting organisations and young people to become more socially active and aware. Rheingold is best known for his work at The Well (one of the first virtual communities) and his 2002 book Smartmobs, a forecast of the always-on era. And these days, with the potential freedom and creatively afforded by open access software, the endless hacks for virtually everything, and the availability of free online computer classes, that seems like kind of a lame admission.

You can learn basic programming easily within a year and then you can choose to hone and refine whichever aspects of coding most excite you. In contrast bad, old-fashioned, or boring designs may well be accepted by a loyal readership if you have good content.
We've created a list of top ten tools to help you create that basic structure to kick-start your creativity. In this session youa€™ll hear mini talks about, and see demonstrations of, those tools, including Spark+Mettlea€™s Up tool for young people that tracks and enables young employees to match what theya€™re doing with their personal career goals and soft skills development. Rheingold talked about Digital Literacy at the University of Utrecht, who organized this event together with the main Dutch platform for media literacy called MediaWijzer.
So Ia€™m tempted to rectify my programming ignorance by pushing through what promises to be a rigorous intro to computer science, CS50, Harvarda€™s introductory course for both majors and non-majors alike. It is popular because graduates can work for an IT company or in an IT role at any firm in any industry. Learn about Catch22 and their Plan.Do tool which is the first ever social action app that helps young people to make a difference in their community and gain employability skills. Of course his theories from his latest book, Net Smart, feeded most of the talk and discussion. The course offers a broad knowledge base to build on, as you can see from the description below: Topics include abstraction, algorithms, encapsulation, data structures, databases, memory management, security, software development, virtualization, and websites.

People who want to publish on the web do not need any knowledge of HTML, CSS and the like to get a site up and running.
Head down to breakfast to find Dad has somehow got hold of the iPad and is catching up on a€?that Piers Morgan and Lord Sugar arguing about grammar againa€™? The Internet has become an integral thread of the tapestries of most societies throughout the globe. Rheingold on his book: a€?Instead of confining my exploration to whether or not Google is making us stupid, Facebook is commoditizing our privacy, or Twitter is chopping our attention into microslices (all good questions), Ia€™ve been asking myself and others how to use social media intelligently, humanely and above all mindfully. For the purposes of this post I have referred to resources aimed primarily at younger people - but they are all useful for the beginner. There are some good features with which you can choose between one to four columns for your blog, define the column width, padding, margin, border, font and link styles.

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