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Mix 96 wants to share all of the fun activities going on in and around the Sacramento area for you and your family to enjoy for free! 11 CommentsNote: Did you know that we’ve got 30+ guides with 10 fun, free family friendly things to do in cities all over the world!
Let me say upfront that there are new providers all the time, so I know it would be impossible for me to identify every single cloud storage service available.
At the bottom of this list are providers offering 5GB of online storage with a free account. Best Online Backup Services Updated 2016If you're looking to backup your files in the cloud, this is the list you need to choose the best service.Best Cloud Backup for MacYou need to backup your Mac?
Unlimited online backup is a pretty cool feature, but it can bite you in the ass if you don't know what to look for. The current edition of Microsoft's Security Intelligence Report featured a section on cloud security. ADrive's 50GB free accounts are going to be cut from the program on November 16th, essentially forcing customers who use that plan to either pay up and upgrade to premium, or simply transfer their data to another provider.
Yunio is here to answer the calls of all those who need massive storage for free, with 1 TB of free data on offer, the Chinese company is posing a serious threat to more miserly Western cloud companies. We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. Discover how file syncing and sharing can skyrocket your productivity and transform the way your business and employees work and collaborate.
I have stayed at hotels for as low as $25 per night (Flamingo hotel), and 5-star hotels for under $100 per night (Vdara and the Aria).
Be sure to check back often to find new and updated free activities and events going on in your area.
The Front Street animal shelter has a lot of love to offer from their furry friends, so they are allowing FREE pet adoptions!
Come to the Colonial Heights Library to participate in activities and make crafts – all Harry Potter themed! Concerts in the Park has been a summer institution for 25 years, and as always it’s free! You can request and sing along to your favorite songs, and score some awesome drink specials!
Put your knowledge to the test and enjoy Happy Hour drinks and food for the first half hour! Galleries and merchants host art shows and shopping demonstrations, complete with refreshments and music! Sacramento Historic City Cemetery – The Sacramento Historic City Cemetery offers free tours every Saturday at 10am. Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum – Relive the 19th century at the Old Sacramento Schoolhouse!
Memorial Union Art Gallery – If you’re into art, you can visit the Memorial Union Art Gallery at UC Davis and check out some art for free! American River Bike Trail – The American River Bike Trail is one of the most beautiful trails in the world! Amador County Wine Tasting – Amador County is yet another region rich with awesome local wineries! Historic Old Town Roseville Farmers Market – Live music, a farmers market, AND cool, classic cars on display?! William Land Park – Take a trip to the heart of Sacramento and visit William Land Park! California Vietnam Memorial – Located at Capitol Park in Sacramento, the California Vietnam Memorial is the perfect spot to take in some culture!
Upgrade your outdoor living space with a tutorial from Brickyard Building Materials in Sacramento. Folsom Prison Museum & Gift Shop – This prison is the second-oldest in California! The Avid Reader at the Tower – The Avid Reader is your source for books and community in Sacramento. Jensen Botanical Gardens – Not only are the gardens gorgeous, but they’re also home to history, events, and garden work days!
Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park – Tour the powerhouse and check out the massive General Electric transformers! Folsom City Park – This park is borders the Folsom Zoo, so you can do both in one day! Classes and sports are available at the park too!
Vic Fazio Yolo Wildlife Area – This area has been declared a globally important bird area. Old Sacramento State Historic Park – This historic park was once home to the Pony Express and California Supreme Court! Visit historic Old Sacramento – Experience over 50 Cafes, restaurants and eateries in Old Sac! California State Archives – The state archives are open for research throughout the week!
Historic Chinatown -Chinatown is keeping Chinese culture alive with association halls and a Chinese language school! Pony Express Monument – Located at Second and I Streets, Sacramento, the Pony Express Monument pays tribute to the 80 riders who began the system in 1860.

Victorian Houses – You could find your dream home at the Sacramentan Victorian Houses! Friday Night Concerts in the Park – From May to August, there are FREE concerts in the park every Friday night! Placerville, California (Old Hangtown) – Old Hangtown is another great day trip option! Columbus River Preserve – The Columbus River Preserve is home to tens of thousands of rare animal and plant species. State Capitol Park World Peace Rose Gardens – Stop and smell the flowers at the State Capitol World Peace Rose Gardens! Let us know about it by clicking here, and we might feature it in Mix 96’s 96 Free things to do in Sacramento! The smell, the people, the action, the food, the shopping, the walking… there is so much to offer! Walk, jpg, skip or ride a bike across the Brooklyn Bridge: Bring a camera because you will absolutely want to take pictures of the Manhattan skyline… or the bridge! Try to avoid the rush hour ferry from 5-6.  Enjoy a free ride around the New York Harbor and lots of fun photo ops.
Get free tickets to live tapings of TV shows: We’ve been to David Lettermen, but remember this requires planning ahead!
But, we stopped by the Wednesday Tribeca market and sampled different varieties of peaches and apples, yum!
Downtown Boathouse: Kayak in the Hudson River for free from the middle of May until the middle of October. Shakespeare in the Park: A fun, free summer evening event in Central Park at Delacorte Theatre. There are lots of free, fun things to do with kids including playgrounds, basketball courts, nature walks, paddle boats, and picnics! Grand Central Station: The current look of Grand Central Station was completed and open to the public in 1913. Hudson River Park: This is one of our go to spots in the Manhattan, it’s a huge 550 acre park, with 400 acres of river front property!
Naked Cowboy: The Naked Cowboy can typically be spotted on  the corner of 45th and Broadway in Time Square right before lunchtime! Federal Reserves Bank: Take a free 60 minute tour to learn about the role of the Federal Reserve System and money!
Rent Bikes: This isn’t free, but it is personally one of my favorite things to do in Manhattan, and it provides hours of fun!
Before 1930, 10th avenue was nicknamed Death Avenue because of all of the train and street traffic accidents. Chelsea Market: Located directly below the High Line at 15th Street, this venue is always changing.
We are planning a Thanksgiving trip and are planning to hit a good number of these on your list. My daughter is spending a month in NYC studying over the summer and will enjoy a bunch of these things.
When I first started backing stuff up online, it would never have occurred to me to pay for storage. And I’ve also tried to avoid listing one-off mega storage deals or storage available to those with multiple accounts. At last count, three cloud storage providers offer 50GB of storage each on a free account, which means 150GB of space if you use them all. While Box () occasionally offers 50GB as a signup bonus, the stated amount of free storage is 5GB.
If my maths is right, using the free storage available on all the providers in this list should score you a whopping 277GB of free storage – more than enough to store photos, files and a lot of music.
With an account on each of these services, we would also need to consider the complementary Cloud Aggregator service.
Take a look at our top five recommendations (all fully reviewed) and see if they pique your interest. A server can go down anytime due to external threats or Act of God and you'll end up losing data. The company's clients were recently targets of two different attacks, both coming in the form of emails.
Come see Despicable Me and experience farm tours, a petting zoo, and face paintings at the Fiery Ginger Farm! Head to the Swanson Community Center to discuss issues in the community and pose questions.
Every Friday in May, June and July (except for July 1) will feature several artists in Cesar Chavez Park!
Tourists can see the burial sites of Sacramento Mayors and California Governors as well as memorials for Civil War Veterans and Volunteer Firemen.
The building replicates the one-room schools found in the 19th century, and is furnished with antiques and reproductions.
Families can enjoy bowling, children’s games, Drum and Fife bands, storytelling, walking tours, bucket brigades and more! Varying FREE activities are available each weekend through August!
The Port’s history dates back to 1849, where it helped to move men and equipment to gold fields! The Historic Old Town Roseville Farmers Market runs every Tuesday night, from the beginning of May through the end of July on Vernon Street!
During the beginning of November, you can watch the salmon make their way up a “fish ladder” to lay eggs in the pond at the top! The park is home to activities like the William Land Golf Course, FairyTale Town, Funderland and sits across from the Sacramento Zoo!

The park, located at H Street near 33rd Street, has its very own rose garden open for free public viewing! The Stanford Mansion, once owned by Leland Stanford, former California governor, fcan be found at 16th & H St. Visit Folsom, Fair Oaks, Roseville and Elk Grove to take in a little bit of history and knowledge of what life was once like! Celebrate the holidays by looking at lights throughout the city! Check the local paper for details in December! The Vic Fazio Yolo Wildlife Area provides a home to a globally significant number of waterfowl. Salvatori California Pharmacy Museum – If you have an interest in pharmaceuticals, there’s a museum for you! Entry into the theater is free to school groups and visitors, and features docent-led programs on Sacramento history. La Raza Galeria Posada displays art and culture in the organization’s store, gallery and more!
Take the family to Colonial Park, Land Park, Roberston Park, Mama Marks Park and Bertha Henschel Play Pools all for free! Get all the info at www.cityofsacramento.org! Get yourself to the big apple, find a place to stay, and I’ve got an awesome list of free things for you to do while you are here!
But, up to three 3 children 44 inches tall and under ride for free on the Tram when accompanied by a fare paying adult! Memorial Plaza is free to visit, but you can also take a guided tour from a staff member for $15. If you can’t make it on a Friday evening, adults tickets are $22, but kids under 18 are always free. There are 3 parts to the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway: We like to ride on the Hudson River greenway because it is the longest, and the entire path follows the river and is separated from traffic. The growth of interstate trucking led to a decline in the use of railroads and the High Line. I also haven’t bothered with any of the providers offering less than 5GB of free storage.
Instead, I’ve listed the usual amount of storage space available on a single free account with each provider. If you’re a videophile, you may have to pay for more, depending on the size of your collection.
There will also be a a youth poetry slam, scholarship ceremony, and the Sacramento Kings Dance Team . Located at 2001 Nimbus Rd., Rancho Cordova, the Hatchery has a capacity of 30,000,000 eggs! Located within the beautiful American River Parkway in Carmichael River Parkway in Carmichael. Now, the park is grounds for ranches, events, and more! Go to www.cameronpark.org for more information! Additionally, 44 inspirational messages of peace are placed in plaques throughout the garden to serve as points of inspiration.
Patrick’s Cathedral, the Apple Store glass cube, FAO Schwarz, and admire the fancy apartments as you head north alons Central Park. Check Groupon for a good deals on bike rentals, we typically get bikes for $20- $30 for the day. I also love Greenwich Village where you can see John Wilkes Booth and Mark Twains houses, the “Friends” Apartment building, and the narrowest home in NYC (10 feet wide)! Issues to think about with free storage include limitations on transfer bandwidth, document revision storage and support – and you may also have to deal with intrusive ads. At the time, I found the need to use its cumbersome web interface very restrictive, but that’s now improved. If you’re using Picasa for photos and work regularly with Google Docs, this is useful. And don’t forget that with all the providers offering 2GB for free you could bump up your overall storage total to nearly 300GB, which is nothing to sniff at! Hastings building once housed the western terminus of the Pony Express, the original California State Supreme Court, Theodore Judah’s office and more! Currrently, it is home to the Wells Fargo History Museum and the Sacramento Visitors Center.
This summer there are two performances: The Tempest (May 27- July 5) and Cymbeline (July 23- August 23). Having said that, no-one likes to spend more money than they need to, so I got to wondering how much cloud storage you could get if you took advantage of all the free storage around.
Adrive has ad-supported mobile apps and provides inline document editing via Zoho, making it very useful indeed. If you do manage to get all that storage, the next issue you face is how to manage it effectively. Oh and if you like cupcakes, be sure to checkout my lower Manhattan battle of the cupcake and 10 fun, free things to do with kids in downtown Manhattan. I have been trying to look up things to do in RI, but cannot find too much other than maybe a lighthouse and garden areas..
The third of the 50GB powerhouses is Mediafire, which offers 50GB if you use its Android app. I wrote another post with 10 free things to do with kids in downtown Manhattan, and have a lot more about the Hudson River Park! The shows rotate and change all the time, and have featured big acts like Kiss and Bon Jovi.

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