July 3, 2015 by Tatanisha 4 Comments Chicago is top on my list of places to visit here in the Midwest. A nice mix of art, architecture, and music, Millenium Park is a must visit for locals and tourists alike. Millenium Park is nearly 25 acres, right in downtown Chicago, and has something for everyone. Even if you’re a local, you can take a free two-hour tour with a Chicago Greeter, to learn the ins ans outs of our amazing city. Visit Garfield Park Conservatory: indoor garden offering programming  and activities for families with children at every age.
Check out the Art Institute of Chicago: The Art Institute of Chicago is a world class museum that has made sure it includes its youngest guests in all of its exhibits and programing. Chicago Cultural Center has quite a few free exhibits and performances happening all year long. Head to Buckingham Foundation for a free water display that happens every hour (April to October). Head over to Naperville to check out the free concerts happening 6 weeks during the summer. Your kids will love playing on the tanks and other military vehicles at Cantigny Park’s First Division Museum.
Take the kids to Green City Market, Chicago’s Biggest Farmers Market to check out all of the fresh veggies and the Sprout Tent for kids. Los Angeles has so much to offer families with world class museums, amusement parks and endless entertainment.
The West Coast’s largest hands-on science center has a multitude of varied and interactive activities that can keep the whole family busy for days here. The Discovery Room is designed for kids 7 years old and under to learn more about the exhibits. I couldn’t leave out the beaches that line the coast and make LA a fun beach destination. Many local favorites include Leo Carrillo State Park which offers nature walks, Will Rogers State Beach, Manhattan Beach, Malibu Surfrider Beach and of course, the famous and eccentric Venice Beach. Check the calendar of events on each area to hopefully see festivals and parades during your visit. Free TV Show Tapings – It is possible to attend a taping and see the behind the scenes actions of some of your favorite  TV shows.
That is wonderful that the science centre is free, that has to be one very good council to keep that going.
I didn’t make it to the Griffith Park Observatory but would include it on my next visit. We’ve never been to Los Angeles (only my husband, almost a decade ago) so your guide will help us greatly when we go.

An island girl at heart who loves cruising, National Parks & traveling the world with two kids in tow.
Then I taped the printable list template on top of the transfer paper and began tracing it, making sure to use enough pressure to transfer the design through to the chalkboard background.
I removed the papers and was left with a faint outline of the list, which i went over with my white opaque gel pen. I used white acrylic paint and a fine detail brush to go fill in the title text, and to touch up here and there. Whether you’re into art, having a picnic on the lawn, or checking out a free 45-minute tour of the architecture and art in the park, Millenium Park has you covered!
You can buy seating tickets for the concerts, and obviously you’ll probably want to purchase some food, but just visiting is free. On your visit, you’ll see visual art from local artists dating back to 1945, all the way through the present. One of the original settlement houses in the US, this is definitely one for the history books! We go to LA once a month due to its close proximity to our home and our ties to family and friends who live up there.
This award-winning museum with an enviable hilltop location and stunning architecture is also very family-friendly. The treasure-hunt wall with peepholes has art collection details and is a great way to engage kids with art.
For a minimal $2 reservation per person fee online, visitors are taken into exhibits on the history of the Endeavor, interesting film on how it was moved to here closing the streets of LA that took over 60 hours.
There are over twenty beaches in the region and open to many activities that range from tidepooling, surfing, windsurfing, beach volleyball or just playing in the sand. There are 53 miles of trails for hikers of all levels and plenty of open spaces for picnics and a day in the park. Los Angeles is a very diverse area and one of our favorite things to do is explore the various ethnic neighborhoods. My kids enjoy visiting the temples, seeing the merchandise and trying out food in these neighborhoods. We especially love going to the beach this time of year (winter) and going to the tide pools. I know you’ll like how they put the Endeavor exhibit together and its many Southern CA ties. A They are just necessary, so why not incorporate some chalkboard paint and burlap into creating a pretty one? A You can lift the papers to make sure the transfer is happening and tape them back down, being careful not to let them shift in the process. A I had to shake the pen often to keep the ink running, and I took some of the chalkboard paint off in a couple of places by pressing to hard.

I love the use of the tray, I’ve seen so many where they use picture frames, but this is so much better.
The City of Angels has many diverse and iconic attractions but it’s not the most bargain-friendly city for families to visit. The five, modern buildings house an extensive collection of European drawings, sculptures, decorative arts, photographs and paintings. Get the Scavenger Hunt cards for kids to take around the museum to enhance their museum visit.
Strolling the Ocean Front Walk is like walking through a carnival of lively characters and entertainers. The LA Zoo, carousel rides, horseback riding, pony rides and museums among other things can all be found at this vast park. There are interactive exhibits for kids to learn all about astronomy like the 150-foot timeline of the universe, the Foucault Pendulum (demonstrates the Earth’s rotation) and various telescopes to see the night sky or see sun spots.
Stay around the downtown area and you can visit Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Koreatown and Olvera Street. It’s a wonderful way to expose kids to other cultures and learn the variety of food, customs and languages. Most have a minimum age of 18 years old but there are some available Disney Channel shows with a minimum age of 10 years old. I did see the Space Shuttle when I was in LA – and tried to envision the world it flew in. Thank you for letting people outside of LA know how many great things there are to do here with kids!
It’s funny because when they were first transporting the shuttle to the center, I was driving to work one morning and was stopped at a traffic light.
A I just liked it better without, but I left it in the printable so you have the option of using it. Olvera Street has El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument which was the original site of the city’s foundation. Also check this website for more information to attend tapings or possibly be a game show participant. When I looked to my left, the shuttle was parked a block away in the parking lot behind Citibank! A I can’t promise your productivity and punctuality will skyrocket, but I can guarantee you will have a pretty list.
It was so amazing to see it even in that context, so I can imagine how awesome it will be to see it up close, especially once they start displaying the shuttle upright as if it were on a launch pad.

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