You might be searching for things to do in Phoenix because you have a convention or business trip scheduled. The city itself covers almost 518 square miles and is mostly flat except for the mountains that you’ll see as soon as you fly in. The generally flat terrain allowed the city planners to lay out the streets on a precise grid-work pattern.
The location is the Valley of the Sun, an accurate name as the sun shines on the Phoenix area 85% of the time. Most people agree that the best time to visit for fun is in the late fall, winter or very early spring. The Legacy Tour “Under the Stars” is an evening visit to Wright’s winter home, Taliesin West, one of the major tourist attractions in the area. If you want to take flight, but prefer a more relaxing adventure, you can take a hot air balloon ride over Phoenix.
The Sonoran Desert surrounding the valley of the sun is a must stop during a visit to Phoenix.
This resort is a major convention center and a popular choice for family vacations, partly because of the acres of pools on the grounds. One of the things to do in Phoenix to stay cool is located at the Arizona Grand: the Oasis Water Park. Located at the Hotel Palomar on Jefferson Street, the Blue Hound has a variety of unique menu items to choose from. Hopefully, you have some ideas now about where to eat, where to stay and what to do in Phoenix.
Only minutes from the city, the Apache Trail is a true wilderness adventure and a perfect day in the Sonoran desert. One of the buildings with genuine history in Old Town Scottsdale is the Little Red School House, now home of the Scottsdale Historical Museum, whose exhibits are well meaning but ho-hum. Arizona Snowbowl features 40 trails, 6 lifts, terrain park, snowmaking on over 60% of the trails, on-mountain dining options and Ski Lift Lodge and Cabins.
Location: This weekend, two different universities  are having home games to choose from, attend and support your local teams! Well, just like you, we’re fairly proud of our college football, and we can’t miss out on cheering on our very own Arizona State University Sun Devils, Northern Arizona University Lumberjacks, and University of Arizona Wildcats.
Gerry Cullity put a ragtime spin on the timeless story of a long-suffering step-sister, a choosy prince and a glass slipper. This reunion show and this All Star cast will be made up of much of the 2010 production cast as well as prior productions and the current one.  In the last 3 years these young actors have been honing their skills and this is a great chance to see their talents on display in this Gerry Cullity classic. 101 Things To Do Phoenix is a visitor resource website creating the ultimate guide for Things To Do in Phoenix.
Phoenix is a popular Arizona destination ideal for families, couples, and for weekend getaways with friends. With cactus and strip malls obstructing the views at times, visitors could easily write Phoenix off as a place where water and culture are scarce.
Start your explorations at South Mountain Park, where steep hairpin turns and steady rising elevation leads you to Dobbin's Lookout, a popular overlook offering incredible views of the whole city. Hiking enthusiasts will want to pay a visit to Camelback Mountain Echo Canyon Recreation Area, a well-tread system of hiking trails that are challenging but well worth the sweat--the views from up top are simply incredible.
If you're traveling with a history buff, a stop at the Arizona Capitol Museum is mandatory. Finally, for a real taste of the Old West, head to Goldfield Ghost Town, located just east of town on the site of an old town and gold mine operation.
Historic Heritage Square is a part of Heritage & Science Park, which also includes the Arizona Science Center and the Phoenix Museum of History.
Enchanted Island is located in the heart of central Phoenix's Encanto Park, one of the city's oldest and most picturesque parks. The well-regarded, world-famous Heard Museum is one of the world's leading repositories of Native American art.
Located 21 miles east of Mesa, this renovated ghost town is complete with rustic wooden buildings and desert landscapes.
Housed in an impressive stone building that once served as the state capitol, this museum documents Arizona's time as a territory and its early statehood.
This desert park, dotted with red rock and weather-sculpted buttes, is located near the Phoenix Zoo and the Desert Botanical Gardens on the border between Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale.
A maze of well-maintained hiking trails crisscrosses one of the largest municipal parks in the world.
Another institution growing by leaps and bounds, this museum's scope is indisputably international with works representing American, Asian, European and Latin American art.
One of the most popular hiking trails in the valley is the Echo Canyon trail at Camelback Mountain. This monthly showcase of Phoenix's gallery and art communities grants folks the chance to browse spaces where artists create and sell their works.
She received her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona and is working on a novel about growing up in the 1990s.

TRAVEL TIPPatricia says, Don't leave Phoenix without taking a scenic drive through South Mountain Park, a desert mountain preserve with incredible panoramic views of the city.
I believe that travelling is an essential tool for us as human beings to become the best version of ourselves and learn about everything that the world has to offer.
The mountains appear to have been dropped down onto the flat desert floor and create dramatic changes in elevation, rather than a gradual ascent. The climate is subtropical, which means that the winters are mild, but the summers are very hot. The tour experience is enchanting as the pool reflects the lights of the home and the twinkle of the evening stars. You can float calmly through the air for an hour, anytime of year, assuming the weather cooperates. Located in northern Phoenix, the resort has numerous amenities including a full-service spa, multiple tennis courts and a variety of restaurants. It is considered a “boutique” hotel; small enough for the staff to give you personalized service.
If you are in the mood for something different, you might order the Kentucky fried quail over foie gras, the duck flatbread with pickled kumquat or the monkfish schnitzel. There are no reservations, so sign your name on the clipboard and expect a 20-minute wait (and bring quarters for the meter).
During the summertime, take one of the 6 lifts to experience the sky ride of your life at the elevation of 11,500 feet. With a peak elevation of 11,500 feet and average 260 inches of snowfall, Arizona Snowbowl is a true gem of the Southwest ski scene. There will be live music and complimentary BBQ with a purchase of regular-priced Scenic Chairlift Ride tickets.
We all know what that means-the kids are back in school, the summer’s winding down, but most importantly, football starts! Set in turn-of-last-century New York City during the height of immigration, Cullity’s delightful characters are those coming from the New World, with the Cinderella-type chCompanyenges of starting a new life in a foreign land. Whether you’re a tourist or someone simply enjoying a “staycation”, 101 Things To Do Phoenix is your “go-to” guide to Phoenix attractions, vacation ideas, hotels, restaurants, shopping, local happenings, and a wide range of fun Phoenix activities guaranteed to appeal to those of all ages and interests.
In central Phoenix, which predates Arizona’s 100 years of statehood, you can find historic homes and classic bungalows, including one designed by master architect Frank Lloyd Wright. You can check out the museum for free every Wednesday evening during the voluntary donation period, which runs from 3 p.m. Since it contains several Victorian homes from Phoenix's original settlement, the city block is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the attractive city block is ideal for an afternoon stroll. This small amusement park offers the perfect budget-friendly escape for families with young children.
It also features works by contemporary Southwestern artists, craft demonstrations, amphitheater performances, a caf--, and a gift shop. Choose from a wealth of activities while you're there, including mine tours, hiking treks, and panning for gold.
The structure itself is crowned with a copper dome and a 16-foot, zinc Winged Victory statue. For a spectacular view, drive to Dobbins Lookout Point and gaze at the city from 1200 feet. The museum also features exhibits on fashion and the Thorne miniature rooms (rooms from different historical periods, scaled down to hatbox size). The Echo Canyon Recreation Area is made up of layered sandstone and comprises the "head" of Camelback Mountain. The event also involves local restaurants and shops, and visitors are regaled by street performers and musicians as well.
Travelling is the best way to get inspired and a great reminder on why we became designers in the first place.
The metro area is also one of the largest in the country and includes numerous cities and communities, such as Scottsdale, famous for its golf courses and Fountain Hills, famous for its manmade fountain that shoots water more than 500 feet into the air on an hourly basis. By contrast, the temperatures in January, February and March range from the mid 50’s to the high 70’s and the nighttime low rarely dips below 35 degrees. The tour takes you through numerous homes designed by world-famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The extensive sky lights in the home give you a view of the desert sky that you won’t forget.
If you sign up for a tour, you’ll find yourself hiking, wading, swimming and rappelling through the nearby canyons.
It is the home of the Blue Hound Kitchen, one of the restaurants featured in the places to eat section below. The menu features items like rum-laced smoked mussels, jerk chicken and guava-glazed pork belly. Pop- art paintings, cozy wood furnishings, an intimate patio for smoking and a beer menu that made us snap a salute in respect. We get our fill of football madness at all levels- from little league kid football, to high school football, and to college football that brings back nostalgic nights on the stands cheering our colors on.

Brightly colored murals around town show how much the Hispanic community has influenced the city.
Some of the museum's most fascinating exhibits include artifacts from the USS Arizona, a 16-foot zinc Winged Victory statue, and works by Lon Megargee, a famous cowboy artist. Be sure to visit the fully restored 1895 Rosson House – it was originally one of the most prominent homes in town.
Paintings, drawings, and sculpture figure into the collection, along with domestic objects, textiles, pottery, dolls, and jewelry. Within the building are flags documenting the state's history, including ones representing Spain, Mexico, and the Confederacy. Ramadas (covered picnic shelters) provide a perfect place to take in the views and can be reserved with a call. The Phoenix Art Museum also has a newer modern art wing that showcases cutting edge art with a global scope.
Prepare to catch of glimpse at some of the smaller animals of the Sonoran Desert, including cottontail rabbits, snakes, lizards, Harris antelope squirrels as well as a variety of birds. A free shuttle eases getting from place to place, and a diverse crowd gives the event added character.
Looking at pictures is not the same thing as experiencing the beauty of the world in person.
There are hiking trails and an 18-hole golf course with well-maintained greens and beautiful views of the desert.
Heritage Square is also home to some of the city's most notable eateries and pubs, including Pizzeria Bianco, the Rose and Crown Pub and Nobuo at Teeter House, a traditional Japanese teahouse and restaurant. The museum's revolving calendar of exhibitions offer new insight into Native American tradition, history and cultural trends. When you need to rustle up some vittles, Mammoth Steakhouse & Saloon offers Southwestern dining, and there's also a coffeeshop and gourmet lunch cafe.
Offices and congressional chambers have been restored to period splendor, and Megargee paintings (with Arizona as their theme) grace the interior. The place is magnificent, especially in springtime when the terrain is knee-deep with wildflowers. The museum regularly hosts lectures, classes, film screenings, tours and children's programs. The event has gotten more popular over the years, making this the biggest monthly art walk in the country. In case skydiving is something you have done before, the company offers jumps for all skill levels.
When the weather is cool, don't miss the pedal-boats, which allow you to travel across Encanto Park's fish-filled lagoons. Anyone with even the slightest interest in Southwestern history and culture should make this a must-see destination when visiting the Valley of the Sun. For an authentic cowboy experience, saddle up a horse and ride off through the spectacular Superstition Mountains. World War II buffs can browse the USS Arizona display, which offers artifacts, recollections from survivors, and a specially commissioned silver service. Located at East Van Buren Street and North Galvin Parkway, the red sandstone buttes at Papago Park are a must-see during your next Phoenix visit. Free maps are available at the entrance, but no glass containers are permitted on the premises.
Native desert flora include saguaro, barrel, hedgehog, pincushion, jumping cholla, christmas, staghorn, cholla and prickly pear cacti. Food trucks and art vendors set up shop along the Roosevelt Row Arts District, creating a carnival-like atmosphere full of art, music, and food.
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It is a white pizza made with fennel sausage, covered with slices of roasted onion and topped with house-smoked mozzarella cheese. Along with the original Heard Museum in central Phoenix, the museum also has branches established in other parts of the city, including Heard Museum North in Scottsdale, and Heard Museum West in Surprise.
Don't forget to take a stroll through the small but lovely sculpture garden behind the main entrance. Hearing back from you is the best part of our day, so take a minute to enlighten us of your favorite buildings in Phoenix in the comment section below. When you're done exploring the park, explore the grounds of Encanto Park, which features recreational opportunities, trails, and plenty of shady trees for picnicking. This is one of the largest municipal city parks in the country, so make sure to bring plenty of water, especially if you're planning a visit during the summer months.

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