I so admire Linda for the gumption to check off riding a hot air balloon from her bucket list !
Since today is my birthday I decided to share with you my top 25 free things to do on your birthday.
Anthropologie-Sign up for an Anthro account and receive a 15% off coupon for your birthday! Krispy Kreme-Join the Friends of Krispy Kreme and receive 1 dozen FREE donuts on your birthday! Macaroni Grill-Come on into Macaroni Grill on your birthday and get a FREE dessert plus a song. Noodles & co-Join the Noodleville Noodlegram to get a coupon for a FREE dish on your birthday.
Orange Julius-Join the OJ Quench Club and receive a FREE Birthday drink coupon emailed to you! Texas Roadhouse-Become a Texas Roadie and you’ll get a coupon for a FREE dessert or appetizer on your birthday.
The Children’s Place-Join the Birthday Club and receive coupons on your birthday as well as your Child’s!
April 24, 2014 by Nicolette 16 Comments Birthday Bucket List: 50 things to do before your next birthday!
With the help of our HowDoesShe Facebook fans, we’ve compiled the PERFECT birthday bucket list! Revisit something you used to love to do, but don’t anymore (like playing an instrument, a sport, or a hobby). Gosh, I would need to be 100% devoted to finish even 10 of these before my next birthday – it’s the end of May!

A Golden Birthday!When your date of birth is the same as your age, it is known as the Golden Birthday!
I received a lovely email from Steven Zussino asking me to share his eBook him and his wife wrote on FREE stuff you can get on your birthday. Whether you want to spend it with your friends and family, or go for something totally unconventional, the options are galore!
However, as responsibilities pile on, somewhere the spirit to go out there and do something fun diminishes. After all, it's your birthday!Activities to Make Your Birthday Extra SpecialOne of the most important things to do while deciding what to do on your birthday is plan ahead of time. If you wish to spend time with family and friends, you need to make sure they're available for the day. Also, it is a good practice to have a budget and then finalize the activities you wish to accomplish. Well, if you can't own it, test drive it instead on your birthday.Swim with DolphinsSwim with the dolphins and other (safer) aquatic animals. There are many tourist destinations that have such exciting attractions.Go Rock ClimbingIndulge in extreme sports. You can try mountain biking, rock climbing (indoor or outdoor), street luge, bungee jumping, base jumping, wakeboarding, barefoot skiing, river rafting, snowboarding, and even speed skiing.Visit a Museum For history buffs - spending a day at a museum. You can either take a trip to one of the biggest museums around the globe or choose to visit one close to your place. Write down things you've always wanted to do in the order of 'must accomplish' to "can do it any other day". A makeover, regardless of age or gender, is really helpful as it gives an immense morale boost.

Plus, it'll keep your mind off how old you're getting.Party with StrangersBe kind and do something nice for others. You will not only have a great time enjoying your birthday, but bring joy to others as well.Thank Your ParentsThank your parents for bringing you into this world by taking them on a holiday. Get away from the world for a couple of days and enjoy quiet, fun moments with the people you love and care for the most.Go to the BeachSpend the day at the beach.
Sing songs, play truth or dare, make S'mores, and watch the stars as the skies turn dark.Organize a House PartySpend the day at home, but in style. Or you can even go to the closest park and make all the arrangements there.Arrange a SleepoverArrange a sleepover, with a twist.
The sleepover will last for the entire day where your friends, along with you, can relax, enjoy, and unwind. Rent DVDs and have a movie marathon, get takeout or cook at home with everyone, play video games or indoor games, drink (only for adults) and gossip, and dance till your feet hurt.Visit an Amusement ParkGet tickets to your favorite amusement park and enjoy all the rides you've loved as a child. On your birthday, take your camera and visit as many places and restaurants as you can (with everyone who gave the suggestions).Go to a GameFor sports fans, watching their favorite team play can also make the birthday special. Pack lunch, grab champagne (drink responsibly), spot dolphins, take tons of pictures, and watch the sunset before you call it a day.Take a HolidayMake arrangements to visit your dream destination.
Make a budget and go shopping on your birthday.Select one or more things to do on your birthday and take tons of pictures.

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