It’s no secret that a beautiful font and awesome images are the key ingredients to any well-designed website. Images break up the content on your site and make it faster and easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for. If you don’t have product photos, or any images of your own, use stock photos to add visuals to your site. There’s a growing list of websites where you can find high quality, royalty-free stock images for your website. If you don’t have images of your own or you want to go beyond plain photos, you can use a tool like Canva to create images. For more information on images read our posts Where to Get Beautiful Images for Your Website and How to Optimize Images for Better Design & SEO.
Just like there’s an app for practically everything these days, there’s also a widget for almost anything you might need for your site. Read our post on 20 widgets to improve your website to see our recommendations and follow instructions on how to add them to your website. Think about all the icons you see in your daily life: traffic signs (do not enter!), social media icons (the famous Facebook like), and common icons on your mobile and desktop devices like the home button or trash bin.
The good news is that if you want to use icons, you don’t have to create them from scratch. Read more about icons and how to put them on your website in our post on Free Website Icons. Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console): Think of Google Search Console as your website’s therapist.
MozBar: The MozBar, or SEO Toolbar by Moz, is a plugin extension available for Chrome and Firefox. Learn more about our Top 5 Free SEO Tools and the 7 Common Mistakes Beginners Make with SEO.
When it comes to the fun scale, many people put Google Analytics at the far end of the spectrum.
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There's something cathartic about commiserating in awful shared experiences -- especially if you can find humor in them.
That is the precise reason why I love funny marketing blogs -- they somehow manage to identify all of the awful, frustrating, and down-right hilarious things that happen in our marketing jobs.
Whether you work in an agency or just across teams within your company, you will love this website. Okay okay, this isn't exactly a blog -- it's an art project -- but it's hilarious and definitely deserves to be included here. Lots of us manage our company's social media accounts, which comes with a whole bunch of highs and lows. You already know how to make gorgeous charts and graphs, so you'll know well-designed -- and hilarious -- graphs when you see them.
So we've already covered a few funny blogs from agency folk, but what about our in-house, corporate, or start-up friends?
Though technically not a marketing blog, "The Oatmeal" is hands-down one of my favorite blogs in this universe.
Like "99 Problems but a Pitch Ain't One," "This Advertising Life" is a blog with GIFs -- but it focuses on advertising professionals. These are just a few of the marketing-, advertising-, or business-related blogs that make us laugh. Based out of Silicon Valley in California, ReputationDefender helps clients to take control of negative search engine results through the publication of truthful, positive content on the internet. Reputation Defender specializes in the concealment of negative online content such as media articles, images, press releases, blog postings, and legal briefs. Clients who need to maintain the integrity of a prominent public persona can find the professionals they need to manage negative viral news, autocomplete suggestions, or high pageview numbers on undesirable websites through the firm’s Boutique Solutions team. ReputationDefender holds more than 20 online reputation and privacy-related patents and has received press in several major media outlets, including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. This is definitely a must-have for loading speed analysis, among other reasons because it is the one that offers the greatest amount of localizations to check your site’s loading speeds.
Peoples having a web site or blog or even a good e-commerce website are interested in the details and stats of the visitors of their sites.
Web analytics tools are those tools that provide all information about you blog visitors and readers. These tools also provide you the sources from where the visitors land on your blog or website. Listed below are the Helpful and totally free Web Stats Monitoring tools with various abilities to help you in examining your site visitors. Google webmaster tools is best for understanding the behavior of your visitors and tracking your search engine traffic. CrazyEgg makes a heatmap of your visitors so that you can find about the clicks and visits of your readers to different parts of your site.
It is a web analytics tool that provides information about the keywords that your visitors used in search engines. StatCounter is a free web traffic analytic service which provides free hit counters, visitor tracking, etc.
The best things about this tool which makes it different from other web analytics tools is that it helps you to Compete with other sites by giving you details on unique visitors, referring sites sources and search engines keywords terms. Open Site Explorer provides information about link popularity backlink analysis of your site.

Whether you’re a small business, church, organization, musician, or just want a personal site, we have a site for you. Over 300 ready-made designs, Live-Mode feature so you can edit you rpage directly on a template, unlimited pages, galleries and more!
Terapad are pleased to announce the launch of a series of free Templates designed to assist various members of the scouting world to get online. We saw a great need to bridge the giant gap between the average person and the knowledge needed to create an attractive website, a website you can be proud of. We are a Christian website hosting services company with Christian values providing reliable, family friendly sites, safe from offensive ads since we were founded in 1996. There are thousands of web template catalogs on the Internet but none propose a way to bring a personal touch. Here at Bravenet we specialize in web tools so you can give your website visitors the best user experience possible.
Sign Up for our newsletter and get access to a Free download of one of Premium our Wordpress Theme. We know all the best resources to improve your site and the best part is—they’re free!
Website pages with images get 94% more views than pages without any images—that’s not something to take lightly. Or if you have a budget to work with, you can use a design service like 99designs and get a professional designer to create banner ads, landing page designs, and more for your site. There are lots of websites where you can find well-designed icons that are available for free. One of the most commonly-asked questions we get from customers is how to improve their site’s SEO.
This isn’t just a good practice in life, it’s an important part to the success of your website.
This is a useful tool to see what your competitors are up to and get ideas for improving your own site’s SEO. You can find out how your visitors are finding your website, view in-depth statistics, get a breakdown of your site’s audience, find out what other sites are driving traffic to your site, and see a breakdown of how well individual pages of your site are performing.
Like that one time you were working on four hours of sleep and included a typo in a blog post title. While it's created from the viewpoint of a designer, we've all worked with people who have nearly impossible standards to meet and questions up the wazoo. A spin-off of the very popular Tumblr GIF blog, "What Should We Call Me," this blog documents the all-too-true day-to-day situations of a PR pro.
Matthew Inman, the author, draws comics that often touch on marketing, business, or just general web trends. You are using an outdated browser, we recommend you upgrade your browser for a better and safer experience. The company works with businesses and individuals across many industries, including law, medicine, finance, and small-to-medium-sized businesses.
The techniques and tools employed by the elite Boutique Solutions team members can yield positive results with greater speed, and assist clients in maintaining control over highly publicized reputations for the long term. Google TrendsA free, great tool provided by Google, which gives complementary information and is very valuable when it comes to search results. The reports are very complete and detailed, which makes it optimal for an advanced use and even a professional one. Bloggers and webmasters always want to monitor the site visitors that come from search engines and also from other different sources. You can check which or your content and article is getting the most web traffic and from where the traffic is coming. You can find out information about the landing pages of your visitors and also their location and country. For using his tool, no account registration is needed and you can just implement the code on your site to track your real time visitors.
We are focused on providing everything you need to grow a dynamic site with an active community. Use our selection of components to add image galleries, maps, blogs, and so much more to your website.
With our simple drag and drop tools you can have your new website up and running in no time. The clearly written code is seo friendly, optimized for getting the top results in the search engines and agreed to modern web-design requirements, just fill your website with content and submit to Google!
Make a Flash website just the way you want it, add stunning free content or upload your own. As with all Terapad Templates these can be modified by the end user to produced a customised look and feel, but regardless which one in chosen everyone can benefit from Terapad’s market leading website Content Management System (CMS) completely free of charge. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, because each site needs different improvements and keywords to help move to the top of Google’s search.
It’s a free tool that will notify you of any crawl errors, make sure your site is indexed, and tell you what your most linked content is. Google Adwords helps you pick the right keywords to put on your site to increase your site’s visibility in searches. And by regularly checking on your site’s analytics you can drastically improve the success of your site over time. And once you play around with it for a little while you’ll find it’s not as hard as it looks. Let us know in the comments, we’re always looking for new topics that will help our readers and Jimdo customers.

When Melissa isn’t drafting a blog post, you can find her watching stand-up comedy, attending a concert, or rooting for the Oregon Ducks.
The typo got included in a notification to all of your email and RSS subscribers, and they all made fun of you in the comments for being a terrible, horrible, no good blogger.
So if you've had a rough week or just need a few minutes to hear about someone who has, check them out. While you're reading his often random yet spot-on assessment of our industry, you can't help but laugh. While a branded app could be a smart move in certain campaigns, you'll often wonder who thought of the app ideas featured on this blog. Services are available at five levels and all ReputationDefender packages include an individually-tailored strategy for publication, a team of advisors, and routine updates on the status of the client’s online image.
The most usual way of using Google trends is to write one or several search terms and check their evolution in time. These tools help you to understand the behaviour of your visitors and real-time visitor tracking is also available in them.
Make sure to give your feedback about this post and also let us know if you are using any better tool that we have missed here.
In this article you will find some free website company resources from where you can built your own website for free. You can start adding pictures, texts, forms, videos or whatever else to your site right away. We love it when new customers are totally surprised at how straightforward it is to build a website with Weebly no HTML or technical skills required! You get to see which pages are getting the most clicks, which product pages are performing the best, and make changes to your site and actually see results. Additionally, the firm is able to provide assistance in the arena of online privacy, with services designed to remove clients’ personal information from websites that sell it without consent. What we are trying to do is to find out if the interest -that is, the number of searches- is constant, falling or increasing. It also allows you to simulate the loading from most web browsers, mobile devices, connection speed and other advanced parameters. In this article I am going to tell you about the free web analytics, online tools that you can use for all above purposes. We give you the tools you need and leave out the ones you don’t so that you have less confusion and more enjoyment.
We thought long and hard about how to improve the editor without losing the features our customers love. Lucky for us, Tom Webster, VP of Strategy and Marketing at Edison Research, makes listening to spam possible -- and hilarious. This information will make it easier for you to predict if the search is going to be interesting or not in the future.It shows graphically and in a very simple way the frequency which with a given search is performed, in a specific time frame. PingdomThis is a very simple tool, but its analysis is very fast and the information is quite clear. If you need something to help kill the last few hours of your workday, this is your best bet. SoovleThis is a tool the groups some of the suggestions provided by the most important search engines when you are going to perform a search. Google PageSpeed InsightsIt analyzes your page and gives you recommendations to optimize it, for both desktop and mobile browsers. It is worth keeping this tool handy since it comes from one of the world’s top search engines.
It helps you broaden your list of keywords and it saves you the effort to visit Google, Bing, Amazon, Wikipedia and YouTube separately.3. Google AnalyticsThis is probably the most used tool to measure and analyze traffic and visitor conversion on the Internet. The process is as simple as introducing a key phrase, selecting a language and type of search and you’ll receive a list of suggestions, which are sentences related to your search, that you can copy and paste in your favorite analysis tool.
This tool is free.Tools to improve loading timesThe loading time of your pages is important for two reasons.
Metrika is a free tool developed by Yandex, which competes directly with Google Analytics and it even tops it in certain aspects.Is simple to use and it is very powerful, with unique characteristics. If you have never tried anything beyond Google Analytics, you should consider Metrika in one of your future projects and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Nobody likes to wait, and many visitors will abandon a slow website before it even finishes loading. These tools will help you analyze the speed of your page, discover what makes it slower and definitely solve this problem.4.
It offers heat maps that show you where your visitors click and it also shows you where your visitors scroll. GTMetrixThis tool analyzes loading speeds and offers a detailed report that you can download as a PDF, and which you will find very useful to optimize your pages.
You will only need the pro version if you need to monitor more than five pages or save more than 20 reports.
It even has a WordPress plugin that controls the speed of your website, sends alerts and creates automatic reports.5.

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