Your free trial membership will be an All-Access Membership that includes the entire gym and all classes with no limit on the number of classes you can attend.
Fill out the form below with your email and we will send you instructions on how to redeem your Free Trail Membership – good for 7 days at the gym. Here at Lake Norman Taekwondo America we help our students gain new life skills, learn effective self-defense techniques, and get into great shape.

We provide quality martial arts programs in a positive, safe, family friendly environment. Check out our class schedule and class descriptions to get an idea of what you want to try. We’re all about serving families at Lake Norman Taekwondo America, and our mission is simple: by focusing on each student’s individual strengths, recognizing their unique talents, and encouraging them to achieve, we help every student become the best they can be.

So whether you're 5 or 95, we will help you achieve all your goals, because our programs are designed with the entire family in mind!

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