In 1929 many of his contemporaries suffered significant losses as the Great Depression began. The fact that his techniques are used by so many traders and investors today, over 50 years after his death, is evidence enough of his enormous contribution. In order to make a success trading in the stock market the trader must have definite rules and follow them. In December 1909, a publication called “The Ticker and Investment Digest” interviewed Gann after he provided them with a number of accurate predictions on the direction of various commodities, and target prices which would represent a turning point in trend. If you are new to technical analysis, you will need to learn some techniques that you can use. As a Technical Strategist who worked for major name Wall Street firms and a multi-billion dollar investment fund during my eleven year Investment Banking career, I am EXTREMELY impressed with Market Analyst.
The wheel of 24 (Also known as the Circle of 24) is one of the most mystical charts used by W.D. The Square of 52, 90 & 144 were important natural squares that WD Gann used in his trading.
Market Analyst’s time and price labels provide invaluable information between critical points in the market, providing you with an excellent insight into market cycles and time and price counts, allowing you to be forewarned of important date and price levels. For traders who still like to hand chart, or just want to see the bigger picture of the market, the Market Analyst Wall Chart feature takes the huge time element out of the process. Market Analyst Gann Analyst edition includes over 120 tools and indicators including over 40 indicators dedicated to Gann analysis, time cycles and advanced Fibonacci analysis. For any trader studying Gann timing cycles, the ability to study cycles over a period of more than 100 years is critical. The easiest way to see all the unique Gann tools that Market Analyst has is to download a trial of it today. PageTurnPro is an online digital publishing solution that uses PDF-to-Flash and PDF-to-HTML software conversion technologies to turn static, print-ready PDF files into digital publications, digital magazines, digital catalogs and more! By Bob McCarthy, on October 26th,201400000The free trial offer is one of the most common types of direct response offers. For consumers, the free trial offer provides would-be customers with a low-risk or no-risk opportunity to try a product before handing over any cash.
While no payment is required upfront, consumers need to be aware of the commitment they are making.
For marketers, the free trial offer helps to engage a larger volume of potential customers with the hope and expectation that a large percentage of those trials will convert into paying customers. This is a classic two-step sales process that needs to focus on two sets of metrics – trial acquisition (number of trials) and paid customer acquisition (number of conversions). But even the slightest changes in the conditions of the offer will change the offer expectations for both the marketer and the consumer.
The free trial has a long history of use by publishers selling newspapers and magazine subscriptions. The idea is very simple: if you can give people a chance to try your product – to read a few issues of your magazine or newspaper – they will begin to see how valuable it is … and they will happily subscribe. But publishers wanted more – and many found that this model produced a lot of trials, but not enough paid conversions.
This was known as the negative option trial offer.  Compared to the original free trial offer, the negative option trial offer produce fewer trials but higher conversions. Understandably, anyone who read the offer carefully could see the catch and chose to not respond.  Of those who did respond, many never bothered to read the details or didn’t pay attention when the invoice arrived – and soon found themselves stuck with their purchase.
It’s difficult to know how many paid subscribers were willing participants and how many were simply victims of their own inattentiveness.
As the credit card became more prevalent in mail-order buying, publishers were able to push the negative option a little further to their advantage.

The newest trial offers required a credit card number with the promise that the customer would not be charged until the trial was finished.
Once again, some customers converted with the full understanding of their purchases, but others became paid subscribers without even knowing it.
The credit card also eliminated the slow payment and bad debt problems that were substantial with the negative option when subscriptions were only paid by check. One tactic marketers have used to manipulate the free trial offer has been with the use of premiums, or free gifts in return for action. Try four issues for free and get our FREE video.  If you decide to cancel your subscription, keep the video.
See the difference?  In one case, the video is used to increase trial subscribers.  In the second, the video is used to increase conversions to paid subscribers. It should be noted that both of these “free trial with premium” scenarios are going to make renewals more difficult.  This is even more problematic when the premium has a higher perceived value than the product itself. Many years ago, Sports Illustrated offered various videos – such as Super Bowl highlights and sports bloopers – as a premium for paid subscriptions to their magazine.  For many of these paid subscribers, the motivation was more the video than the magazine – and this would clearly hurt them when it comes time for renewal. Offline, there are health clubs, storage facilities, dinner deliveries, child care and dating services. On the B2C side, there are movie services, book clubs, coffee clubs, shopping services, online games, dating services, family ancestry research services, personalized credit services. On the B2B side, there are subscription-based services for many kinds of software platforms for sales, marketing, human resources, payroll and a host of very specialized, niche-focused services. You are free to try out all of the functionality in Human Resource Manager, but under the trial you are limited to entering data for one employee.
Have a play, see what you think and once you have properly assessed that Human Resource Manager meets your requirements then you can purchase a license for the software directly through the application or here on the website using our highly secure payment process. The Enterprise Edition of Human Resource Manager is designed to run over a network and is intended to be used by multiple users who need access to a centralized employee database. The Professional Edition of Human Resource Manager is designed to run on a single computer and is intended to be used by one individual who is responsible for your employee data. Gann, a master of Wall Street in the early 20th century, combined mathematics, geometry and cyclical analysis to consistently make a profit during some of the most volatile market environments of the day. Gann’s techniques allowed him to not only predict one of the largest market crashes seen, but to profit from it as well.
Gann’s book, 45 Years in Wall Street, written when he was 72 years of age, was arguably his best stock market book.
I have more income than I can spend for my needs, therefore, my only object in writing this new book is to give others the most valuable gift possible KNOWLEDGE! The rules given below are based upon my personal experience and anyone who follows them will make a success. Click here to read a full extract of the interview, which includes independent tallies of the results he achieved using his unique trading methods. I have put together a list of educators around the world that I trust to provide good quality education.
It is an outstanding Gann Technical Analysis program that leaves most of its competitors totally in the dust. Market Analyst includes the world’s first fully customisable and interactive Square of Nine wheel, offering complete user control for quick and easy time and price target point identification. Whether you are working with 1 minute, 4 minute, 60 minute, tick or even 20 tick charts, it doesn’t matter, you can even customise your own time frames. Market Analyst brings you the Gann Swing Chart, Point Swing Chart & Percent Swing Chart, all of which can be completely customised for any time frame and any bar, point or swing count. Along with this, now printing individual charts or even entire Workbooks to PDF for easy, professional printing or e-mailing is a two click process.

The result is an interactive and search optimized version of your print materials that provide your readers with an enhanced experience available through our Reader View. With PageTurnPro, you can now quickly and easily offer your readers an enhanced online version of your publication while they enjoy the flexibility, interactivity and rich media features associated with each digital edition. Now that minimum level has been reduced to just 10 subscribers in an apparent attempt to move customers more quickly into a paid plan. Bring the important details out front and make sure they are seen before anyone clicks the SUBMIT button. This is a terrible trick that has put more unwanted software on my computer than I can count. Explain up front what it will take to cancel the subscription or membership.  And don’t create overly burdensome hurdles for the customer. This is a real sign of bad business practices.  You may have a cancellation page, but if you don’t help people find it on your website, what good is it? If a few find their way to make safer investments my object will have been accomplished and satisfied readers will be my reward.
He understood the risks involved in trading and investing and believed in giving his students a realistic view of market reality, including knowledge which would help them to control the risk and to profit handsomely.
Gann’s twenty-four never-failing rules that give traders and investors the benefit of his knowledge. Be careful of the cheapest broker as sometimes they can delay taking your order to market causing you to miss the prices you wanted. The huge variety of cutting-edge charting tools available (all major Gann techniques, but far more besides), the sheer flexibility of the user options for each study, and the attention to detail throughout are absolutely first class. Market Analyst includes the Square of Four using the same graphical power as the Square of Nine chart. Used extensively by both intraday and end of day traders of Gann theory, Market Analyst offers full user control over time settings, allowing for 24 hour and calendar year settings. For real time US shares, US Futures, European or Asian markets Market Analyst will work with iQFeed, for real time Australian markets and real time FOREX, you can use Market Analyst Real Time Data. The Hexagon chart has been studied and documented in detail by many authorities on the subject of Gann.
Market Analyst also gives you the best in user control by allowing you to test any time count on your charts, simply by typing the new time count into the properties. Our unique Reader View interface emulates common page turning software features and allows publishers to further enrich the overall experience for their readers by incorporating search, links, video and other related publications.
Additionally, publishers can create an instant web presence and introduce new revenue streams, while significantly lowering costs. I just passionately believe that you need a good education if you are going to trade and take advantage of this market.
My aim has always been to include all the techniques that an advanced trader would need to be able to quickly analyze a security and use their knowledge and Market Analyst’s power to make some great trading decisions.
The visual appearance of the charts is both professional and beautiful: I am thinking in particular of the Gann wheels, but also the way in ALL technical tools are implemented, even on standard price charts. Plus, thanks to the templates and workbooks available, there is massive flexibility and personalization available to work with the program just the way you specifically want to.

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