Online streaming services are quickly becoming an increasingly larger part of the television landscape.
But if you pay for an Amazon Prime membership, you may not realize that in addition to free two-day shipping (!), there are hundreds of shows available to you free of charge.
EducationalPBS has the market cornered on this section of Amazon Prime, though there are a few from other places, like the BBC or MTV. If Time Warner nixes Hulu’s next-day TV offerings, would you drop your Hulu subscription? Also, Roku 3 has Sling TV and Vudu which are popular with many users and not available on Amazon Fire TV.
Roku 3’s voice search is a great feature that had also not been available on the Amazon Fire TV streaming media player.
Roku 3 is also has been faster than the Amazon Fire TV by virtue of a quad-core processor that simply has outperformed Fire TV’s dual-core. All that is about to change as Amazon has announced the newest version of their Fire TV, available in about 3 weeks, and it has plenty of features to make you think twice about the Roku 3.  Also, if you’re already an Amazon Prime member, Amazon Fire TV is definitely the best way to see Amazon Prime video, TV, music, and movie content right on your TV.
Take a look at all the new Amazon Fire TV has to offer and see if it’s the best streaming media player for your needs!
Right off the bat, you just have to say that the Amazon Fire TV support 4K Ultra HD streaming and you have my attention.  It’s true that there isn’t a whole lot of 4K programming to get excited about, just having it kind of future-proofs the Fire TV for some time to come. With Amazon Fire TV you will enjoy the most TV shows and movies in 4K Ultra HD including classic movies like The Way We Were, critically acclaimed TV shows like Orphan Black, blockbuster movies like Captain Phillips, Moneyball, and more titles are being added all the time on Amazon Video.
Just a note in case you didn’t catch on.  You have to already have a 4K Ultra HD TV in order to enjoy streaming 4K Ultra HD content.
Finally, Amazon has given Fire TV 75% more processing power thanks to an all-new quad-core processor delivering a more responsive interface, near-instant search results, smooth gaming, and ultra-fast streaming. You also get the latest Wi-Fi support for dual-band 802.11ac, a dedicated graphics engine, 2 GB of RAM, and expandable storage up to 128 GB (microSD card not included). Amazon Fire TVs previous channel deficiency has disappeared as well.  You now get to search and choose from over 3,000 channels, apps, and games, and you get access to all your favorite subscriptions and streaming services. Amazon Fire TV is the perfect companion to your cable subscription which you can use to stream on-demand content through a variety of apps like HBO GO, Showtime Anytime, and WatchESPN just to name a few.  Just download the apps, enter your cable account information and start watching. What about music?  There are literally millions of songs available through Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify in addition to the Amazon Music Library.
With an Amazon Prime Membership you get access to even more on Prime Music which has Prime Playlists and ad-free listening to over a million songs including ones from Daft Punk, Pink, Bruno Mars, Blake Shelton, The Lumineers, Bruce Springsteen, and Madonna.  Depending on your mood, activity, artist, or decade, you may choose to listen to one of over 1,000 Prime Music Playlists. Combine stunning 4K Ultra HD video with amazing Dolby Audio sound you can enjoy surround sound and consistent quality via HDMI up to 7.1.

Amazon has outdone themselves with their new ASAP (Advanced Streaming and Prediction) Technology which learns what Amazon movies and TV shows you like and gets them ready for you to watch in advance.  The more you use Fire TV, the better ASAP works by dynamically adapting to your viewing habits. Want to explore for more movies and TV shows?  Use the IMDb-based X-Ray on Fire TV where you can learn about character backstories, see related trivia, and jump to your favorite scene or skip opening credits.
Get peace of mind with Amazon FreeTime which helps parents create custom profiles for up to four kids by choosing the movies, TV shows, apps, and games that they can access and by setting up daily screen limits and place restrictions on certain types of content. Display-mirroring is now available on Fire TV which allows you to share whatever is on your mobile screen directly to your HDTV without an app from your Motorola, LG, or Google device.  Or “fling” content from any supported mobile apps like YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix to your Amazon Fire TV which frees your device for other tasks. With built-in Bluetooth 4.1 support you can use your Bluetooth-compatible headphones to listen privately in Dolby Audio virtual surround sound without disturbing others in the room. As always, thanks for reading our steaming media player post!  We sincerely hope that it has given you valuable information that will help you make a decision about the best streaming media player to help you watch free streaming TV shows and movies!
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If you’ve lived your entire life as a cable or satellite TV subscriber, the prospect of cutting the cord can be daunting. This week only, Amazon has a sale going on its Amazon Fire TV + HD Antenna Bundle, which will give you access all of the apps and content available to stream through the Fire TV, plus free live broadcast television in HD for life. Just connect the AmazonBasics HD Antenna directly to your TV to receive local HD broadcasts from major networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX.
Did you know that if you have Amazon Prime, you can stream some TV shows and movies completely FREE? You can watch them all online for free (or on any Kindle Fire tablet, or with the Amazon Instant Video app on Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii). Point of Honor is actually set during the Civil War, and shot entirely on location at a former Virginia plantation.
Netflix is usually the one you hear about, but Amazon Prime members are quickly gaining access to their own extensive library of TV programs. It most definitely could also be categorized as a drama, so that’s why it is highlighted here. This SNICK staple still holds up, offering up chilling tales that will scare even the toughest teenager. You can also watch Amazon Original Series including Transparent, Catastrophe, and Man in the High Castle.
Allows to cast a Chrome browser tab.Box includes Chromecast, HDMI extender, USB power cable, and power adapter. You already subscribe to services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video so you know there’s plenty of content out there that’s available on demand, but what about live TV?

And best of all, the bundle is on sale for just $95 shipped, which is less than the regular price of the Fire TV alone! My girlfriend even watches Amazon’s videos using her iPhone, streaming the high-definition video from Amazon’s app to the AppleTV box for her widescreen TV!
Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant), working against the Dixie mafia and other Kentucky lowlifes. Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. I am a TV lover, so during summer or holiday programming breaks (when none my regular shows are on) I’m always looking for something to watch, preferably without paying!
And it’s our votes which will help choose which shows get picked up for an entire season of episodes. Now with Alexa, use your Fire TV Voice Remote to check sports scores or the weather, play music, and more – instantly. There are tons of lists out there for what to watch on Netflix, but since I love Amazon Prime and want to use all of its benefits, I wanted to know what their offerings were.
Watch the best of live TV on NBC News, NBA Gametime, and Sling TV, which includes ESPN, CNN, HDTV, AMC, A&E, Cartoon Network, and more.The most powerful streaming media stick with 4x the storage and 2x the memory of Chromecast plus a dual-core processor, 1 GB of memory, and ASAP so the Amazon movies and shows you like start instantlyNever miss out. As I was looking for any kind of list of TV shows that are FREE with Prime subscription, I found out that there aren’t any! Bring Fire TV Stick with you to watch your favorites away from home, even in hotels and dorm rooms.Amazon Prime members get unlimited access to Prime Video, including original programming like Transparent, plus over 1 million songs with Prime MusicAll-new Amazon Fire TV now supports 4K Ultra HD for true-to-life picture quality. Watch the best of live TV on NBC News, NBA Gametime, and Sling TV, which includes ESPN, CNN, HDTV, AMC, A&E, Cartoon Network, and more.Say it.
Their selection is much smaller than Netflix as far as free stuff goes, but there are plenty of great or at least decent things to watch with Prime.
Simply say the name of what you want to watch and start enjoying in seconds.Now with 75% more processing power, a dedicated graphics engine, better Wi-Fi support, 2 GB of memory, 8 GB of storage and expandable storage of up to 128 GBWith over 800 games - the most games of any other streaming media player - there is something for the entire family, including Minecraft, Lego Star Wars, and Pac-Man 256Amazon Prime members get unlimited access to Prime Video, including original programming like Transparent, plus over 1 million songs with Prime MusicCompact stick design. By far the most movies, sports, news, music and kids' shows of any streaming player.Control with remote or mobile. Use mobile apps, such as Netflix and YouTube, to cast videos from your phone straight to your TV.Stunning HD video quality.

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