The latest vector pack I have created, I know it doesn't contain a lot, but I put a lot more work into these than I have previous ones. Take a look at the collection below and let your viewers know that the Website is under construction.
This blog is dedicated to sharing creative and inspirational resources for Graphics, Web Design, Inspiration, Photography, Video Production, Tutorials and WordPress. Hey dude thanks so much for sharing, excellent content, there should be more site like this. Under Construction-Coming Soon pages are a great way to tide over your visitors until you finish your new website. LIGHT is super clean responsive design with animated countdown, animation, unique pre-loader page, feedback and subscribe forms, team page, etc. It is an under construction website template that has space for a logo, a twitter stream, contact information, other websites, and portfolio links. PaperLaunch is a clean and unique under construction template, designed with attention to detail.
Easy Coming Soon is an easy and flexible under construction page that will easily let you define your upcoming website and represent it’s current status, supported by a nice looking easily editable pie chart, and ajaxed mailing-list form to keep your visitors up to date.
If your site is under construction or development is in progress what better way to keep them in the loop with a clean and simple coming soon template like this.With this template you can indicate the progress of your project with the animated progress bar, show your latest Twitter posts and have a launch date for the project. Coming Soon project is a under construction or under maintenance page with an admin panel to manage all your notification subcriptions. Launch Pad is a stylish full screen background under construction template with animated progress bar and countdown timer, perfect for showing off your visual work while your website is being developed. It is designed for temporary usage until the main site is under construction.It comes with awesome animated clock with a countdown to the grand opening date, brief information about the main site (or company) and Ajax Contact form with validation.
With Sneak Peek, you give your pre-visitors rich opportunity to find out more about the website, including when it will be done.
FlipTimer is the ultimate Under Construction Template, Flip Timer is very is easy to customize and looks really slick.

Display, coming soon page, is very flexible when you customize and offers 2 display color, a choice of 12 types of numbers (6 Normal + 6 Glow), 6 background options, and unlimited numbers and colors for the background that can be changed directly from css, without need to generate new graphics.
Digital Under Construction is a clean template coming in two versions: Digital and Classic.
This is a simple under construction placeholder page you can use while your site is being developed. Clear Construction is a simple, elegant yet effective under construction template with a lot of jQuery goodness in it.Enjoy! Sleek Under Construction Theme is a simple and clean under construction – coming soon html website template. It's a blog for graphic designer and front-end developer where i share cool new things in graphic & web design and development.
It’s a creative way to show your visitors that you are in maintenance mode or are suffering server problems.
I have selected 30 city profiles - from Sydney to New York - and have vectorized them using the acclaimed online vectorization tool vectormagic.
Totally free illustration, please make a donation (on my personnal website) if you want more stuffs from me.
They can be used as a teaser for your future website, or places to simply put your information where people can get to it while you are under digital construction. Buying this item you’ll get easily customizable well commented HTML page with responsive design and valid HTML5. There are 9 color schemes which can be combined with no more than 15 different background patterns. The theme shows an animated progress bar, offers ajax contact form and email subscription with validation, and a fullscreen backgorund gallery with captions for some recent work.
Background switcher controls allow you to cycle through background images, which are preloaded to cut loading time. The logo is easy to change with your own and setting up the countdown timer as well as the progress bar is a breeze.

It comes with one HTML file, one CSS file, some images and the fully sliced PSD source file. Furthermore it gives the visitor the possibility to sign up for a notification email, for when your website is ready for launch. Fliptimer uses a fixed layout template with width 900px, a working contact form, Cufon, a countdown fliptimer which is easy to edit and more. It features an easily changeable progress bar and twitter support to link in with an account that you may be using to keep your users updated on site progress. You can download this PPT and use it for construction companies but also for industry PowerPoint presentations or presentations on underground topics.
This time, however, you can not only appreciate the good work, but also you can build on it. The progress bar can automatically calculate (after you input the start and finish dates) the completed percentage or you can hardcode the percentage yourself. You can edit these source files and create your own desired look and feel using these templates.
Pick only what you want and customize it the any way you want.The Minimal Coming Soon site template is designed to catch attention and inform visitors what are you up to.
The slide design is really basic and it has a simple master slide design and 1 internal slide.
You can download other free construction PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for presentations on building blocks, dark bricks textures and many other textures and PPT templates for your presentations.

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