Really powerful, corporate motivational tech, looped melodious track with many bright electronic instruments and motivational mood – guitars, synths, fx, drums, modern percussion, pads Great for commercials, business and corporate uses, films, videos, advertising campaigns, podcasting, viral marketing.
You’ve probably seen amazing TED conferences featuring awesome and jaw-dropping videos that make you sit up, and hang on to the speaker’s every word. If you’re one of those presenters or speakers who really appreciate individuality yet don’t have the skills to create your own Powerpoint slide design, this post will be of great help. You can download them and edit them to your heart’s content, and spend more time on your content instead.
A green-themed slide design for presentations that are related to finance and other professional lectures.
With a color combination of gold, gray and white on black and brown, this keynote presentation exudes professionalism and business, whichever way you tweak it.
There is a light version and a dark version but this template plays around with 6 colors, and 50 slides for each color. This template stays true to the business and value theme and makes full use of the gold color throughout the full template. A great Powerpoint template for presenting an individual or icon in a celebrated way, Resume is available in two themes: dark and light. An extremely colorful Powerpoint template consisting of 12 slide designs filled with various elements akin to those found in animated videos and stuning infographics.

The images below are some of the slide designs of the first template released by this designer.
If you need a template that features charts, graphs, mockups, tables, maps and other infographic-related material, then this is the template that is going to spruce up your presentation.
Featuring a light color palette, tiled boxes on two opposing corners and a light background, Titania features a softspoken collection of 25 slide designs fit for the 16:9 screen layout. Playing with a gradient effect between two colors, Vicentio is designed for law and justice-related heavyduty content. Nowco is as corporate as it gets, sleep and powerful, professional and modern, if you are going to be presenting a business presentation to a no-nonsense crowd, you’ll appreciate the ongoing theme that Nowco depicts. Nathaniel plays with thin-lined illustrations with serif typography and a single accent color for most of the 25 slides. Miranda exudes a nostalgic and sentimental mood that is perfect for large photograph presentations. If you have never tried Keynote’s animation feature, then download this Keynote experiment project to learn what you have been missing out. Second Life Toys is an organisation in Japan that’s hoping to raise awareness about organ donation.
Do you own a Facebook page as a storefront or a page that serves as a customer service interface?

The summer is here and along with being the bikini season, it’s the camping season as well. Perfect for trailer, video game, film, movie, slideshow or presentation, production reel or any type of motivation video. Here are 20 specially designed Powerpoint templates that have been made available by their designers for free. For most of these templates, the fonts, graphs, charts, tables, icons and maps are included. Instead of a running theme, anything goes for this template design as you can see once you download the full pack.
Warwick plays with the blue and green color scheme to give off a credible style suitable for businesses and education-related presentations. The presentations most of us have to sit through are more often than not, made up of text and images plastered over a default (sometimes too easily recognizable) Powerpoint theme.
If you’re looking for a clean and professional-looking design, Viola is an elegant addition to your toolkit.

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