Check these free software if you want to resize as well as convert images in batch: Caesium, Free Image Converter, and Image Tuner. After adding the images, you need to select a resize mode: by percentage and by absolute size. Use any mode and come to the bottom part on its interface where you need to select a destination location. After selecting the FTP server, click on OK button, and start image resizing process using Scale!

For output images, you can select a local folder, or can upload them to your own FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site. By percentage mode is simple to use as only percentage is need to be adjusted for output images.
Although there are many similar tools already available, but those tools help to save images to local folder only. Not to mention that to upload images to your FTP server, FTP address, username, and password is needed.

Once you have entered the details, you can connect with FTP server, and can select FTP folder to store output images.

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