Note) The email address provided here will be asked for, in case if the password is forgotten for things like revoking account. 10) In case you are using Skype, Ripplex Address Book imports your Skype contacts automatically so that you can link with your Skype contacts on Ripplex network. Ripplex Address Book automatically imports the contact list from several most commonly used address books.
You just have to enter the email address and the websites will check their validity for you. Please review the list of address book carefully and select all the ones that you would like Ripplex to import contacts from (A) and then Click "Finish" (B).

You do not have to create any account and unlimited number of email addresses can be verified. After you enter the email address, the results are displayed in a tree structure with details. Please note that the email you entered is the one that would be registered with this account. If the email address is valid, the results are shown in green color and, if the email address is invalid the results are shown in red color.
Such websites are very simple to use and can prove to be helpful in a lot of different scenarios, especially at work.

After you check the validity, this website also allows you to export the results in 4 different file formats. The website also has a feature of verifying email id’s in bulk but, that has been reserved for paid users of the website. The only limitation of this website is that you can check the validity of only 3 email id’s in a day, for free.

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