With the help of this app, you can make video calls of the highest quality, and even voice calls, without any disturbance at all.
All-in-One: ringID offers an integrated platform with various features to offer its users an all-in-one experience rather than using different apps for multiple features. Secret Chat: ensure the privacy of messages by setting an expiration time for the deletion of your content including text, image, audio and video. Individual Friend Permissions: users can fully control the permission settings for their friends using separate access controls for call, chat and newsfeed. Media Cloud: Ring Media Cloud is not just a player but a comprehensive media management tool. Unique ID: provides flexibility for signing in, convenience for searching friends and security for recovering your account.
Data and Power Consumption: ringID’s proprietary technology enables the minimum consumption of both data and power with uncompromised performance.
Chat: send unlimited messages globally with secret chat, group chat, cool free stickers, and multimedia messaging for a secured and complete chat experience.

Newsfeed: surround yourself with all the latest news and updates of your friends and family. Multimedia Sharing: add more excitement in your conversations by sharing photos, images, videos and sending voice messages to your friends. Circle: create your own circle of friends and even non friends, share things specific to your circle and stay in your comfort zone. 55 financial intuitions, including 45 big banks and credit unions, and 9 smaller banks have all added their names to the roster of Android Pay participating banks in the US, bringing the total to 102, and further cementing it as the mobile payment method of the future. Click the button, then use a QR code scanner to download the app directly to your Android device.
The best feature on this app is that, no matter what device is being used, you can make free video calls and send messages with the help of this to anyone you want. The app even lets users conduct group chats with as many people as you want and you can easily have fun with family, friends and even roommates with the group chat feature on this app. Smooth frame rates and blur free screen resolution lets you feel the warmth of a real conversation in the virtual world, even in low bandwidth.

Users can add music & video from newsfeed to their very own playlist and download their favorite content forever which can be played even when offline. Download the all-in-one communication platform and stay connected with friends and family for a socially complete experience. Once again, we've complied a run down of the biggest and best stories from the tech, mobile, and app world. There has been a huge overhaul of how it looks on the inside as well, with a simpler, more minimalist design that puts more focus on your photos and videos.
The app does not harm regular phone and SMS charges, and uses the internet connection to make the calls or send the messages. The app also has a feature which lets users share photos and videos with others and there are tons of free stickers, which can really help users express themselves.

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