TokBox provides a web based video call, chat and conferencing service without installing any chat client on your computer. TokBox also provides the facility to embed the video call feature to your blog or facebook profile.
Skype is best program for connecting your friends and family from any corner of world at free of cost.
For recording an audio or video call we need an external software which can record our audio and video calls in good way. Facebook claimed at the press conference that installation was a quick and easy process that would take less than 30 seconds, no matter what system and broadband connection you were using.

La possibilita di telefonare via Internet a costo zero, se non quello della connessione, ha rivoluzionato il modo di comunicare e lavorare di molti di noi.
TokBox makes use of the capability of Adobe Flash to use webcam and microphone to facilitate the video call and conferencing. For this purpose I am sharing a software which will record your audio and video conversation. This is very easy to use web application for making video calls and conferencing with your friends or even colleagues. The idea of TokBox could give some other big players who does magic with flash player and video streaming, to bottle the same in a different way.

Some time we want to record some special moments of our conversation with friends and family or capture our lecture for listening next time but Skype don’t have any option for recording audio or video call. May be in future, we can have Yahoo video call using web browser alone, without installing any yahoo messenger client.

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