Many people feel nervous about speaking to an audience, but oral presentations can be successful with good planning and a systematic approach. Navigate your way through the different sections of this tutorial using the menu on the left. All of us know that there is a bunch of presentation making tools present including MS Power Point, Open Office Impress, etc. It’s because you don’t need to have a dedicated utility to play video presentations; only a video player is enough. Note that the tools I am going to share are not desktop utilities but all of them are websites.
If you just search for the best sites to create video presentations online, Knovio comes within the top five results. The user interface of this website is simple that you can create a breathtaking video presentation in minutes. Quoting the company itself, you won’t take more than 20 minutes to create a beautiful video presentation.
You can guess it to be full of features as it got a spot on our list of best sites to create video presentations online. This one is probably the popular one among these best sites to create video presentations online as it is being used by more than 13 million people. If you are a blogger like me, the very first thing you should notice to judge the reliability of a website is its matrices like TF, CF, DA, PR, etc. If you are creative enough to make video presentations from scratch without the help of a template, there will be no things to hold you back. PowerPoint-free: Once your presentation is converted into a video, you do not need anymore to have PowerPoint installed to watch it nor do your recipients, regardless of which hardware or operating system they own.
Multi-platform: Presentations converted into videos can be watched while on the move using your mobile phone, iPod, PSP or any other device that plays video.
Distribution: You can distribute your video-converted presentations on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and other video-sharing sites or social media to reach a broader audience. One problem you may encounter is that the PowerPoint to video conversion service you choose to utilize may not retain transitions, animations, soundtracks and other media elements you have inside your slides. The free services that convert PowerPoint presentations to video generally all work the same way: you first import your PowerPoint file, then choose an output video format, set the transitions between slides and you are done. Here below is a comparative table and a set of individual reviews to help you compare all of these free services to convert PowerPoint presentations to video. Supported platforms: Specific operating system needed to run the PowerPoint to video converter. Preserve special effects: Transitions, animations, videos, audio tracks and other media elements are preserved during the PowerPoint to video conversion process. Xilisoft PowerPoint to Video Converter Free is a Windows software to convert your PowerPoint slides to video.

JODConverter is a free plugin for OpenOffice that allows you to convert PowerPoint presentations to multiple formats, including PDF, MS Office documents and Flash (SWF). AuthorSTREAM is a free slide-sharing webservice that allows you to convert PowerPoint presentations to video.
PowerBullet Presenter is a free presentation editing software for Windows that you can use to convert your PowerPoint files to Flash (SWF) files.
Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing software available for Windows XP through Vista that you can use to convert your PowerPoint presentation to video. Our videos can be used by any YouTube user in their monetized content which is safe from any copyright infringement. This could be presenting a summary of issues, reporting on progress in research, or responding to a set task. Even though you don’t prefer learning by yourself, Knovio website provides you some tutorials using which the learning curve becomes less crooked. As no strings attached like a pro or premium version, you will get the most out of the tools. Making use of the unlimited awesome features, you can create best-looking website videos, social clips, explainer videos and product promos as well. You don’t feel confused while using the creating interface of WeVideo as it keeps the features straightforward. Whenever you upload media files to their server, you can access that file and keep on with the editing from any device anywhere in the world.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Want to share your presentations with a broader audience, including those who do not have a copy of PowerPoint installed?
This is why if you have a complex presentation with Flash videos or special effects you might want to double check whether the service you select supports preserving such multimedia elements. Optionally, you can trim or crop the video to get exactly the result you desire or add an audio track to sync with your slides to create a video tutorial. Free PowerPoint Video Converter is a software for Windows that converts your PowerPoint presentations to video.
You just need to import your PowerPoint file and choose one of the supported video formats: AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG-2, MP4 or WMV.
Since OpenOffice is available for nearly every operating system you can think of, JODConverter works on all those operating systems as well. The service generates a MP4 video file and the video itself cannot be longer than five minutes. Since the software cannot directly import PPT files, you must save each slide as a JPEG image using PowerPoint, and then import each image file to PowerBullet Presenter to start the conversion.
Just open your presentation in PowerPoint and save each slide as a PNG file, then import all PNG files to Windows Movie Maker and drag them to the timeline.

You can use SlideShare to create a slidecast, which is kind of a video podcast that combines slideshow and narration. The default content can be customized by adding your own multimedia files, texts or stickers. Just import your PowerPoint presentation and choose a video output format among AVI, MPG, MKV and WMV.
Then customize the resolution of your video, the playback interval between slides and other output options before starting the conversion process.
All media, animations, music and transitions inside the original presentation file are retained during conversion. Media elements, transitions and animations inside presentation files are not retained during conversion. Animations, audio tracks, transitions and other media inside your original slides are not retained during conversion.
You can also insert transitions, animations, flash videos or add an audio track to personalize your video.
Just upload your PowerPoint presentation to the service, add an audio track to use as narration, sync slides with audio and publish the slidecast on SlideShare website. Even if you are a poor verbal communicator, you can take hearts of your listeners by a beautifully designed presentation. Then choose an audio file to sync with your slides, crop and trim the video to get the result you desire, set the playback interval between the slides and you are done. All media, transitions and animations inside the original presentation will be fully preserved during conversion. All music tracks, animations or media elements inside the original presentation are fully retained during conversion. All elements you add to the presentation will be preserved inside your converted SWF video. Media elements, animations, and transitions inside your original slides will not be preserved during conversion. All multimedia elements, audio or transitions present inside the original PowerPoint slides will be lost after the upload to SlideShare. Original media, transitions and animations inside the original slides will not be preserved during conversion.

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