Geolocation is a tracking and mapping procedure which allows an internet users geographic location. A genuine tracking tool, Geomap shows a real-time world map indicating active and inactive visitors.
If you want to analyze your web pages, if you're tired of the same counters, you can say they've found the right place! GeoToolBar, counts your visitors, shows their provenance, their profil, but especially it's a very practical toolbar which we supplement regularly by offering new tools. Decorate your web site, simply go to the configuration panel and imediatly modify your counter GeoWeather.
Well sure, there are super advanced web analytic tools like Google Analytics to track nearly everything about your website visitors and e-commerce clients. With our free hit counter service you can see how much people visited your site very quickly and easily every time you visit your website.
Very often it?s not even possible to install the Google analytics javascript code because you are simply not allowed to! Like all our services our visitor counter service is entirely free, and there’s no registration or sign-up process required to use them. Seems to us, though, that they’re just as powerful a tool when used the other way around.
We have researched for the best visitor counter plugins for WordPress and come up with a list of best 6 plugins which are available for free. Mechanic Visitor Counter is a useful widget that displays the visitor counter and traffic statistics on WordPress.
Among useful visitor counter plugins, TCW lets you know how much traffic you have on your blog.

Here comes another useful counter and statistics plugin and widget for WordPress: Free Counter. Stat Counter is clearly the best option when you are looking for visitor counter plugins for your WordPress powered blog or website.
Let us get the conversation started and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may be having for us.
A widget that you can configure by entering your favorite music, movies, documentaries, etc.. You don?t have to login in a analytics account using your email and a password and sort through hundreds of pages of analytic data. Analytic services let you analyse your web traffic deeply, but a huge visitor count is something you should not keep to yourself.
With our simple, free generator, you can have a QR code that does exactly what you want it to ready in minutes – with no hassle and no timewasting.
Our latest venture, the Reliable Answers blog, aims to help you out with some of them: what is the best way to cure a hangover?
These plugins are easy to install and use and they provide you complete details about visitor statistics. It offers an effective way of providing real-time detailed stats about the visitors to your blog.
You just need to upload and install the plugin and then activate and drag the widgets in to your WordPress sidebar. This plugin comes with no external library dependency and saves timestamps, visited URL, referring URL, IP addresses, operating systems, and can display the total hits, unique hits and other statistics in your WordPress pages. It comes with loads of powerful features and can get you all the details you want for your blog.

All those services do not allow to install a visitor tracking system other than a simple html hit counter service like ours! Its social proof, to show your visitors how much people before already trusted and liked your website!
Such statistics are useful for increasing the popularity of your blog in the competitive online world.
Some of its features include Today Visitor, Total Visit, Who’s Online, Today Hits, IP Address Visitors, and many more. This is a major factor to use a visitor counter service like ours and there are even more good reasons!
Tell us the address of the page or blog you want to use the webstats on, click ‘Get My Code’, and voila! Some of its impressive features include invisible counter option, configurable counter, configurable summary stats, keyword analysis, recent keyword activity, visitor paths, and many more. For example, when people visit your blog then their corresponding areas on the heat map widget light up. It is a useful plugin to get to know about the important details like counts pages visited, hits and unique IPs on your blog etc.
The relevant snippet of HTML is all ready for you to cut and paste straight in to wherever you want it to display. Whether your question is idle speculation, last-minute desperation or simply the subject of a heated pub argument, we’re putting together an invaluable resource to help you get to the bottom of it.

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