Trillian is mostly free and ad-supported, although you can also pay $1 a month for Trillian Pro to hide the ads and store your chat logs online.
IM+ is another well-designed, web-based chat application that supports a wide variety of networks.
Chat Safety Tips - More Help The numbers next to the chatroom name tell you the number of chatters in the room. If you use Meebo to chat in your browser or on your mobile device, you’ll need to find an alternative service. All of these options are very capable services – your preference may just come down to which interface you like best.
This isn’t a bad option if you only use or two chat networks, but quickly becomes unwieldy if you use more than that.

Pidgin, Digsby, Miranda, and even the desktop version of Trillian are all well-reviewed multi-protocol chat applications. It was developed by ex-Google employees and its simple, uncluttered interface feels like something Google would develop, if they were serious about maintaining a multi-protocol chat application. Trillian synchronizes your information between the web and desktop clients – so you can run Trillian on your desktop and log into Trillian on the web elsewhere.
Tool provides technical support to real-time online businesses such as travel, real estate, auto sales, web hosting, education, insurance, finance, web designing etc.
Web chat software loads fast and is completely web-based, so the end users don't need to download any plug-in application to chat directly with staff. Utility is fully capable to receive offline messages when the customer support operator is not online or is unavailable.

Tool supports all types of browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera and Firefox. Website chat software allows website administrator to change login-password of the web chat utility. Utility is capable of configuring web chat software according to your website and allows you to use customizable size chat buttons.

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