A few years ago, website developers would have gone straight to Frontpage when looking for a HTML editor, however since then the market has evolved and Frontpage has been subsequently discontinued (with the latest version being Frontpage 2003 which was released 10 years ago). All of the editors here are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), which means that they are user friendly to people who may not be comfortable editing raw HTML code.
The ‘original’ HTML editor, probably one of the first commercial editors, came with the Microsoft Office package up until 2003 when it was discontinued.
However, if you really need a copy of Frontpage for some reason, eBay would probably be your best bet.
Pricing: Originally available to buy, Microsoft announced at the start of 2013 that it would be discontinued and made available online as a free download. This could be thought of essentially as Frontpage v2 as it was released shortly after Microsoft discontinued Frontpage.
Also, do be aware that it may not be possible to directly transfer your Frontpage files to Expression Web due to a change in the file extension.
Whilst Dreamweaver was initially made available through a physical purchase, a CC (Creative Cloud) version has recently been released which offers increased functionality and the option to synchronise to your cloud account. Out of all of the editors, this is the most feature-packed editor for the intermediate to advanced user. However, if you’re only looking to build a simple website or are just starting out in the field, you might want to try one of the free browsers listed below before making the investment. BlueGriffon is WYSIWYG editor with HTML5  and CSS3 support, based on the rendering engine of Firefox (Gecko).
To install this editor, you need to upload the program to your web server, which requires basic knowledge of FTP.
This would be a good editor for beginner to intermediate skilled users as it doesn’t have anything too advanced, but does offer good functionality for people starting out. Similar to BlueGriffon, KompoZer is also based on Gecko – the rendering engine of Firefox.
KompoZer is easy to use, but still has a few more advanced features such as the ability to manage the FTP element of your website through the program rather than having to save your files to your computer then open up an FTP program such as FileZilla and upload the files that way. As this program hasn’t been updated for a few years, it may not support more recent features that you would get from a more modern program.

Supported OS: As this is browser-based, you can use Rendera on all of the main operating systems as long as they have a compatible browser. Supported OS: As this is browser based, it can run on all operating systems which have a browser capable of supporting HTML4 and onwards.
Quoted on their website as being “The world’s most advanced browser HTML 5 WYSIWYG editor”, Aloha Editor is a free ‘floating’ toolbar which works in the front-end by allowing you to edit text ‘in-line’, without having to log into the admin panel etc.
Unlike typical HTML editors which are downloaded and run as a program, Aloha doesn’t come in this form so you can’t run it from your desktop and have to run it through the browser instead. Considering this is a browser-based editor, it has a fair amount of features and functions. This is an editor aimed solely at Mac users, with no version available for Windows or Linux. With a design that resembles that of Notepad more than a HTML editor, this has a simple and easy to use interface for coders that want to get on with coding without panels of buttons either side of the editing screen. As well as being able to edit HTML code, there is also a menu button which allows you to select between different languages including CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby etc.
Although the full version does cost, it is much cheaper than other editors and still has a number of features including the ability to download plugins. Pricing: Older version of the program available for free, paid version $59 ($39 or $49 option available if you’re a student or can’t afford the full price).
If you’d like a favicon for your website, they also have a cool feature on their website which allows you to generate one from a picture on your computer or Twitter account. Otherwise, you could experiment with any of the free editors to see which one is right for you. WYSIWYG editors allow the user to preview the code in real-time as it would be displayed on a webpage, without having to save it and upload to the World Wide Web. The user interface is completely different to Frontpage and there are a few added features.
This means you can log in to your account from a computer anywhere in the world and have access to your files.
For what you get, Dreamweaver is a good value product for use in a professional environment.

Or you could subscribe to a month of the Dreamweaver CC version to see what you think before buying the software or committing to a long-term subscription.
As it’s free to download, you can’t really complain about it not being as advanced as other programs. It can be run on Windows, Mac and Linux systems through an Internet browser (installation guides can be found here). Whilst the initial installation process may seem complicated for entry-level users, it is well worth it as the WYSIWYG element of the editor would be beneficial for beginners, making it easy to add and edit content. So if you’re at a beginner to intermediate level of ability, this would be a good program for you to use as the WYSIWYG feature means you don’t have to have any technical knowledge. Depending on your background and what type of website you wish to edit this may be a good or bad thing. One of the key features of this editor is that it integrates with CMS such as WordPress and Drupal. However, advanced users should probably look for more feature-packed editors such as Dreamweaver as TextMate does have limitations. Although it doesn’t have as many features as Dreamweaver for example, it still offers good functionality and would be good for someone at beginner to intermediate level of ability. Technical support also ended in January 2011, so if you have any problems you would need to use online message boards and forums. By investing in this, you’ll have access to advanced features and be able to design websites that might be too complicated to work on in other editors. So if you’re using WordPress, you can download it through the admin panel as a free plugin with installation being a fairly simple process.

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