Sometimes a redesign might be the only way to get around a old theme which is on your website to compensate for missing features.
A critical turning point when you decide to do a redesign for your website with a design agency according to the needs of modern day customer is made by most brands one way or other when new technologies like responsive, flat designs, one page parallax emerge. Its not wise to blank out for a week or two and keep your visitors guessing whats happening out there.
A glimpse of your current work under progress will even do wonders and may be first part of marketing to make visitors know more of it.
A simple dark template in html5 with a jquery countdown timer to get your coming soon page ready for any catastrophes or say new theme plans. Ux is a brilliant html coming soon template with a countdown timer integrated which can be used on your website whenever you have a new theme design, a scheduled maintenance or anything, as you dont want to keep the customers guessing. 2AM is a bootstrap template with not just a coming soon page but a full onepage sections for subscribing to know the launch status of your app, website and a contact us section. Kite is a good looking and inspiring html template which features multiple browser compatibility, responsive design and a cool countdown timer.
A template with a simple email notification option at the bottom to inform user of your next project website.

A simple coming soon page with email call to action  button to keep users hooked and to notify them when the theme project is complete.
Alissa comes with images slideshow, countdown timer, minimal and light design, AJAX email subscription form with form validation, and social icons. Take a look at the live demo and download it from the links below.
The pack allows you to use 3 different type of pages: static background , slideshow background and video background.
You Would Like to include More From here – They are Responsive and have animations and are free to use.
It is a very good idea to use a coming soon page before you launch a site and a maintenance page when your site will be down. I wanted to mention another free coming soon page resource that I have in the WordPress plugin repository. If your website still uses old template then chances of modern techies visiting your website is gradually degrading.
Under construction page or coming soon pages are the right tool here to get your visitor attention and convincing them of a website redesign by keeping them hooked via email notifications, social networks etc. Tempting visitors with great ideas is a critical tool in success of any new website design.

There are over 8 countdown templates with this download with different color schemes and also with parallax effect. This template design as pure html and responsive css and we used jquery timer for time representation.
The pack allows you to use 3 different type of pages, one clean and simple, with timer option and gallery.
Enough said take a look at below free downloads of website under construction page which you might need before blanking out.
If we simply upload this into our public server directory it is possible to customize and translate text and replace image that fitt us?

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