1,167 viewsIn my recent project, I was required to open up a portion of an Intranet web application to external customer. Once the ISO has been downloaded burn to a DVD or if creating a nested version off ESXi select the Iso file location on your machine. Once boot up has begun you will see a screen shown below that will automatically load up into the esxi 5.5 installer. In my lab I’m installing ESXi on a VM, On this next window you can select the storage to install ESXi on.

The system will once again scan for additional system information making sure your system meets the minimum requirements.
Before continuing with the install you will get a warning message that the selected storage will be repartitioned meaning all data will be destroyed.
You are finished, Make sure to remove the installation DVD or unmounts it from your VM before rebooting.
In order to do this you will need to have a VMware account and register for the free trial.

If you’re installing on a physical server you may want to consider using a 4GB usb flash disk. For my lab here it told me I did not have enough Ram and I had to add more before continuing.

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