A personalized web address from Intuit Websites gives your company credibility and helps you reel in business. Mymindblog came with an initiative to provide free domain and free hosting account for bloggers. Step 5: Now at this step enter the promotional code as MYBLOGMIND and click on Complete Order to finalize your purchase. Step 6: Enter you information (select the payment method as Paypal) and click on complete order to own the domain.

This really sounds great for bloggers who look to expand their blog with a top level domain. Terms and conditions, features, support, pricing, and service options subject to change without notice. Mymindblog partners with Godaddy for purchasing domains and the blogs will be hosted at Hostgator. No worries you are not asked to pay even a single penny, so no need of credit card verification or paypal.

But make sure that you don’t register multiple domain as they keep track of your IP from which you get this domain.

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