Site summo features SEO optimization, templates, hosting and the normal services of code-free web builders. One of the oldest in the branch of code-free web design, and probably one of the most popular, Wix takes pride in having over 35 million sites created to date. Webydo is a very straightforward and dynamic service that lets you alter customizations in real time on two different levels: content and design. With Aircus you can sense the new trend of web design right away just by looking at the features: big letters and relatively few elements on the screen, dominated by two colors. Breezi comes with something new: on the homepage they have integrated an inner search engine to match your taste with their templates.
Although a site with complex functionality still requires the skilled mind of professional designers and developers, it’s never been easier to construct your own basic site with clear informational content and a sharp look and feel. Wix offers a range of template designs, easy editing features, social media integration and push-button publishing. They can rest easy for now, as Wix still only allow users to create sites with limited functionality. If you’re willing to get your hands dirty “under the hood” – that is, to get stuck into the HTML code of a site – then the Coffee Cup HTML editor is a fantastic choice. Moonfruit is an ambition website creation tool and aims to service both static web design and e-commerce store creation across multiple platforms. They boldly claim that you can “Start selling in 10 minutes”, which may be a little far-fetched for even the more tech savvy among us, but their interface is certainly very lean and user-friendly. Like Shopify, their interface keeps you well away from the raw HTML and CSS, although you can get stuck into it if you like.
The site creation itself is drag-and-drop, and as with other options, Weebly offers a basic free version alongside several premium subscription plans that come with options for custom branding, expanded site statistics and premium support.
These are just a sample of what’s out there – we hope to see even more exciting free website creation tools come on the scene as the technology continues to progress.
Shopify is a wonderful subscription-based product that lets you put together an E-commerce store with the minimum of hassle.
On the face of it, e-commerce appears almost incompatible with free website creation – the customisation and back-end functionality seem to necessitate a dedicated developer. However, Shopify have done an excellent job and their service is smooth, lean and reliable, enabling you to get an attractive and functional online store up and running quickly in true bootstrapped fashion.
Customisable storefronts, streamlined options for adding products, and an easy-to-use administrator’s interface help to make Shopify a world-class e-commerce setup tool. Scott Adams is a contributor to Study Now, Australia’ biggest directory of online educational courses, you can view the website here.
Website Creation Resources and Tips is a information website that I created to inspire people to have a go at building passive income for life from the internet. It's not that difficult to create a website, whether it's for business, private, google adsense or affiliate products. The tips and resources available here may inspire you to create a website or websites in order to build passive income for life.

I found the following seven website creation building blocks essential for building passive income from my websites.
If you are thinking about creating a website, it is worth investing in a well-designed webpage template.
There are three important features you must keep in mind when you design a webpage template.
Your website domain name is very important and should reflect your brand or a keyword that describes your niche.
If you are driving traffic to your website via Google, then you will need to be aware of the down side of EMD (Exact Match Domains) and PMD (Partial Match Domains).
If you are creating websites to generate income, then you will need to monetize your websites with either google adsense or affiliate products.
However, you do need to understand what is involved in affiliate marketing and info marketing to make a reasonable income from these websites. Although there is an element that can be introduced in the form of a rectangle in which HTML can be written, that is merely a feature for nostalgics. They focus on professional websites, and to that they have dedicated an impressive template database of over 1000 designs. It keeps up to the standards with classy designs, simplicity, ease of use, lots of templates and SEO optimization. They are independent from one another, so you can actually have a designer work on your site’s design and a content writer working on your content completely independent from each other.
Sizes, shapes and colors are directly interactable and the site is up immediately after you finish it without any other steps in between.
Aircus is defined by simplicity and speed – so much that it steps into the tablet generation, allowing you to create the backbone of your websites in less than a minute even from your phone. MadeFreshly focuses on store websites, skipping you the fuss of going through all the other categories and countless unrelated templates. This is due to their flexible system of Modules that enables you to expand the functionality of your web pages as you wish any time. It stands out with its customer service quality – recommended for the serious businessmen who want quality without too much hassle.
Experienced web designers might get more than a little worried when they see the ease with which complete amateurs can create classy looking sites. A handy split-screen tool lets you see both your HTML and your webpage side by side, so you can easily tweak code and see the immediate results. They offer a free version, along with a paid service aimed at business owners and people with meaty passion projects, priced according to three tiers of monthly subscriptions. Their focus is ease of use, and the site builder leads you by the hand through their “Plan, Create, Publish, Grow” process. Click here to find out about Study Now’s Sales and Marketing courses, which help you put your best foot forward and close the deal, both online and offline. While not completely free, there is no charge for 14 days, and then offers you various monthly payment options.

In additional to writing for Study Now, Scott is a keen amateur photographer and marathon runner.
In many ways, this website simply chronicles my journey and the processes I used to make passive income from websites.
In many ways, the content of this website involves information that has helped me in my journey to create websites for passive income.
Creating a website or editing a webpage template requires a software program like Adobe Dreamweaver.
However, there are a couple of FREE website creation software programs available that will do a similar job as Adobe Dreamweaver.
You will need a software program like Adobe Photoshop to create professional headers and edit photographs. If your website is about digital photography secrets, then your website content should expand and explain this theme. However, the most popular methods of getting free traffic to your website are: Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Article Marketing. Fast forward by ten years and here we are, surrounded by that very wish come true and multiplied by as many wishers out there. The search engine comes in the form of a little brain, who, after asking you what your trade is, will display you templates in great numbers, up to 60 billion matches.
And an intuitive file structure management system lets you order and organise your pages in an intuitive, logical way.
I use Adobe Dreamweaver (I usually use the latest version of Adobe Dreamweaver) and I believe it is the best html editor on the market for website creation and webpage editing. The templates range over 70 business types (travel, medicine, funerals, art, cleaning) most with their own sub-categories. Wix is that type of service that comes out once in a while and sets a standard for future evolution, and I’d say it will linger even more among web design services. On the upper side of the screen there are some general customization lines, such as color, layout shapes and fonts. All these softwares below allow you to create a site by clicking and dragging, just like a walk in a Photoshop park. Once the template is chosen, it looks just like the finished site, except without the information. Tier three are the destination pages and tier four pages is where you will find the deep content. The service benefits from a customer support department as well, which includes web designers to do the work for you should you stumble on the way – a highly unlikely event, considering the multitude of options and high accessibility, not to mention the pdf manual and 60 seconds tour video that fill you in on the basics.

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