After it completed, just open the "email.txt" file in your directory and you will find all the collected emails. Scraping websites can target one or multiple websites (this can be performed by either manually inserting each entry, or by loading a batch TXT file).
Both scrape methods can be customized, for example with regards to the number of threads used. To sum up, Email Scraper Wizard is an easy to use and flexible software that will suit anyone in need of a quick method to obtain numerous email addresses.

Easily scrub data of imperfections using our predefined cleansing filters or create your own. The spider crawls for addresses either in user-defined webpages (batch TXT files are supported) or in Google.
Essentially, these deal with how the actual scraping process is performed, as on the results side both methods return any emails found. Also, since scraping is, essentially, an operation that could go on ad infinitum, users have the option of adjusting the scan depth and limiting the task to the specified domain.

Users interested in promoting their businesses can also benefit from it, as it allows quickly generating address databases.

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